7 Free Website Evaluation Tools

Creating a successful web-based business, whether it’s a blog, an online-service or a product-platform is exciting, challenging and potentially lucrative. However, coming up with your initial idea and bringing it to fruition is just half of the challenge.

You could have the stickiest content, the coolest service or the most ‘must-have’ products, but if your website is slow, poorly-optimized or barely linked-to then you’re going to find that your brilliant idea is essentially hidden from your target market.

So, how can you make sure that your website ticks all the right boxes and is ready for the spotlight? A good start is to run your site through a number of website evaluation tools, so I’ve collected 7 of the best, free website evaluation tools that you can use to improve the quality of your website right now!

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    Pingdom Full Page Test

Pingdom offers a fantastic way to evaluate your website’s speed, identify bottlenecks and measure performance in mere seconds. One of the best things about Pingdom’s tool is that it also points out best practices and will tell you places where you can make low-effort, high-reward changes to your site, such as combining external JavaScript or minimizing redirects.

  1. Google Pagespeed

Google Pagespeed works in a similar way to the Pingdom FPT, analyzing the site and breaking down areas where improvements can be made. Pagespeed also sorts the potential gains into High, Medium and Low priority groups so that you can focus on the most important areas first.

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    Hubspot Marketing Grader

Hubspot Market Grader brings a whole new level to website evaluation by actually grading the strengths and weaknesses of your website all the way through the marketing funnel, assessing everything from landing pages through to social media connectivity. On top of that, Hubspot will also compare your efforts to your competitors, pointing out areas where competing websites may be attracting customers that your site is missing.

  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider is a great SEO-oriented tool for identifying your internal and external links, invalid response codes (such as 404’s), meta-tags and urls to make sure that everything adheres to search engine best practices. This is invaluable if you want your site to rank for target keywords and make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to increase your website’s visibility.

  1. SEOquake

SEOquake is another SEO-focused tool that actually comes in the form of a toolbar for the Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers. In addition to analyzing internal & external links, providing Alexa and Google Index scores as well as Pagerank scores, SEOquake offers the ability to measure the keyword density of your web-pages and provides a diagnosis of areas of your site that can be improved.

  1. Hubshout

Hubshout Website Grader provides an in-depth evaluation of your website, including a handful of SEOMoz metrics that you can stack up against 3 competitors at a time to see how you measure up. The back-link scorecard is especially useful to see if you have work to do in order to catch-up to your main competition.

  1. Websiteoptimization

Websiteoptimization offers you a technical website evaluator as well as a new SEO-analysis tool that will run your site through a complete set of tests to make sure that you’re optimizing each and every element on your site. Websiteoptimization also provides suggestions on how to improve each element, and they’ve just added a website spell-checker to make sure that you’re making the best impression on every page.

With that selection of free website evaluation tools up your sleeve you’ve now got everything you need to ensure your website is ready for a jump in your rankings, an increase in speed and a deluge of quality traffic!

Do you know any other free web site evaluation tools that I might have missed? What other techniques do you use to make sure that your website is ready for the big leagues? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section!


Jacob E. Dawson is a writer for Delivery Hero, an e-commerce platform offering a variety of Chinese takeaway menus online . Jacob is an entrepreneur and online-marketing expert with a passion for making the most of every day!


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