Blog Success is your key to "Get Noticed Online". There is no mystery to building a successful online business. You need a SYSTEMATIC, business-oriented approach. Project Butterfly is designed to help you do that. You will get a structured framework and repeatable process We bring a business-oriented mindset and focus on results and success.

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Once your blog topic is firmly decided, then setup involves getting a domain name, hosting provider, blogging platform and then installing and activating the preferred theme.  At this time you should also setup your WordPress site, plugins and social media. Read More



Once setup is complete, you want to accomplish certain activities to help grow your blog.  You want to grow content, increase number of visitors to your site and grow your subscribers' list. Read More



The third point in the framework is to convert your traffic into subscribers, and then convert your subscribers into paid customers. This is achieved with a valuable "giveaway" product to your visitors, analyzing the data in your system, segmenting customers and then launching products.  Read More



Once your blog is humming, you can realize much greater value from it by multiplying revenues from a single hit product, finding affiliates to market your products and also marketing affiliates' key products for sale to your customers. Read More

Our Products


Providing complete solutions for the SERIOUS blogger, Blog Success membership is designed to UNLOCK upwards of 20 hours every month. If you are SERIOUS about your blog, we are COMMITTED to your success. Read More



Our flagship product, CurationSoft is the web’s premier content gathering, authoring and publishing tool. CurationSoft helps the SERIOUS blogger to build rich, high-ranking content FAST and blows away content generation challenges. Read More


Deep Insight Papers

Blog Success Deep Insight papers are designed to provide deep content, carefully researched, and presented in a well-structured 15-20 page paper. These papers carry business insights and are targeted to free the SERIOUS blogger from research and information gathering activities, thus unlocking valuable time. Read More


BlogSuccess Ebook

Whether you are a startup blogger or a legion that has gone from a weekly post to 3x a year, this book will mean the DIFFERENCE between a SUCCESSFUL blog and an INACTIVE one. Covering all that it takes to build a blog and prioritization of blogging activities, this is a tool for the SERIOUS blogger. Read More

Why MUST you blog?

A blog or weB LOG or your own website gives you the best platform for showcasing your expertise, accomplishments and passion.  Others can vouch for you online, and you can be found online.

Resumes are so old school.  In hiring candidates for $100K a year and above positions, I use a resume simply to know the candidate’s name.  Then I go online to find out more about the person.  Their social media site, academic institution chronicles, LinkedIn profile, sports scores, photographs, etc. all TELL a story.

Most of those are published online by others, and you probably do not have much control over what is published.

A BLOG gives you the best chance of CONTROLLING the image that you want to represent you.

A BLOG gives you the best chance of selling your products and services.

A BLOG gives you the best chance of getting a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention.

A BLOG, if done right, can BE your career.

Why Blog Success?

Most people take to blogging assuming WRITING is the ONLY expertise required and activity to be performed.  They start a blog and then find out the myriad things that are required to keep a blog going.  They try to do EVERYTHING on their own, get overwhelmed and then throw in the towel.

With a 4-point proven framework of Setup, Grow, Convert and Realize, Blog Success gives you the end-to-end lifecycle of a blog. Primarily, you are provided SERVICES that help take over ALL the ancillary activities, thus UNLOCKING serious time for you to FOCUS on the CRITICAL activities that only you can do for your blog.

Blog Success provides “complete solutions for the SERIOUS blogger”.

Why must you sign up now?

NOW is a great time.  We have released a totally re-designed site, and added our first SET of services.  Content editorial services and Technology support services, along with monthly hosting for up to 3 sites and one Deep Insight paper every month, will get you going.

As we add more services in the next 3 months, we expect the membership fees to double.

If you sign up today, you can LOCK-IN a VERY LOW membership rate, which will NEVER increase, no matter how many services we keep adding.

We are also planning a “Look Over My Shoulder” program, comprised of webinars spread over 6 months.  In this session, we will take a BRAND NEW Blog, through the end-to-end FRAMEWORL and SHOW how one can set up a SUCCESSFUL Blog.

This session will have a very limited number of attendees, by invitation only.

Becoming a member today, gives you the best chance to be included in the Look Over My Shoulder program.

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“CS enables me to  share crucial info with members of my congregation who do not have the time to do the kind of research I do.”

—Michael D.

“Saves me time and therefore money.  Provides quick and easy  way of putting together content for prospect and customer  education.  Reduces workload for research, article and  report writing.  Enabled me to outsource work to people  with no subject matter expertise.I use multiple strategies ”

—Andrew S.

“We manage over 80 websites and CurationSoft allows us to post  interesting and unique content quickly and easily on a regular  basis from one place. Before we had CurationSoft it was a time  consuming process to find and edit content and the login to each  site and make a post. Now it’s really”

—Richard C.