Your Personal Brand Might Be Right Under Your Nose- or from Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam 2008

In this public tweaking of my personal brand, I've found that little messages are popping up in unexpected places JUST FOR ME. Yes, perhaps there's a woo-woo element here or perhaps an elaborate conspiracy a la Davinci Code, but everywhere I turn there seems to be a message related to this personal branding - rebranding process.

I wouldn't have teamed up Eddie Vedder, Rascal Flats, and St. Francis as the squad to deliver me insights into branding and where I need to go for answers, but for whatever reason they all spoke to me last week.

Here's an impromptu video connecting the dots around creativity, digging deeper and even cornflakes.


  1. "Digging deeper" – I guess we both owe Eddie a debt for the inspiration today! Great video Nancy!

    • Thanks Jack…my friend Rob Schultz thinks I have a future in toothpaste commercials as well, he liked the white teeth. Maybe that will be part of my next brand… hmmm, Eddie Vedder and toothpaste… I think we're going somewhere with this. Stay tuned.

    • Nancy Marmolejo That's it Nancy! Your new Brand is Viva Pepsodent!

    • Nancy Marmolejo ok, maybe part of our lesson in the rebranding process is to be open to all kinds of new ideas, but not to jump on the first ones right away until we've explored further. Unless you really do love Pepsodent. :)

    • Jack Humphrey I thinkRob Schultz is secretly employed by the American Dental Association. I saw a testimonial on his site "4 out of 5 dentists recommend Rob Schultz"… clearly he has an agenda with this Viva Pepsodent idea.

    • Rob Schultz I have reason to believe you've got a deal going on with the American Dental Association. Didn't I see a testimonial on your site somewhere "4 out of 5 dentists recommend Rob Schultz"…???

  2. Beautiful Nancy – I have been keeping a journal of my personal "God Moments" for years – the things that "show up" and are just NOT coincidences (I don't believe in those anyway), and they are telling me something. I don't always know what, but often after a bit of time many of them become clear. In fact – yesterday I had a VERY strong God Moment with YOU and Laura West! I wrote to her about it – guess I should send that over to you too! Anyway – that is a long way to say – as I am JUST coming out of my own space (remember TWO years ago at your conference?) that you are in now – here's hoping yours doesn't last 2 years (why am I sure it won't :) ).
    I love that you are willing to share – it can be such a confusing time – but I know you will come through beautifully and I think it is amazing that you are sharing. Big Hugs!

    • Thanks so much Mary! It might take me 2 years, I've completely detached from forcing results. I can't wait to hear what God moment happened with you!


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