You Don't Know Who You Really Are, Do You?

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Ready for more personal branding after the Facebook IPO bonanza? Did you marry Marky Zuck so you can make off like a Madoff for the prenup? If not, it's time to focus, damnit! I have been fixin' to publish a long follow up post for you. I was ready to give you an epic post, building on this grand idea I've had about personal branding. This is not that post.

I wasn't lying, though. You're in a commercial system.

I promised I'd follow up to show you how personal branding is in the Law of the land. That if you saw it in such a definitive light, you'd have access to real business power. But I have to keep to my own code and continue on with this support for Nancy Marmolejo and her rebranding series.

That means sharing a good story. This one goes great with the Eddie Veder post. The other night I remembered something while prepping this long and drawn out post about outlandish ideas about the legal structure of the United States.

It was right under my nose and it set me straight, quickly.

I'm NOT a writer

That's pretty important to remember as long as I'm, oh you know ... blogging!?

Sujeiry Gonzalez is a writer. Oh hell yea. She's the Looove Chica. She's handing out her book to ALL the single ladies (like the song). And if she had her way, she'd have Oprah writing the foreword and everything. I'm so glad I follow her to remind myself that she is full on W-R-I-T-E-R.

I'm not. I'm the Merchant.

Yea, I put words down. I have a flare for the wordsmithing, if I may say so. But I would never be the guy who says "I'm a writer". I'm the Merchant.

Personal branding is more than just labeling

It's easy to associate branding with how you look in the marketing spotlight. But it's really so much more. It's how you handle that identity and integration crisis I spoke of in my earlier post. It's easy to slip up.

I'm the Merchant. I traverse markets and do business. I mix with many crowds and I'm on a profitable adventure. I work on companies, not for them or in them. I come to trade and discover, to move goods and to earn. I float on the higher seas of commerce. I contribute to blogs, I'm not a writer.

But I forgot that when I was crafting your special follow up. I started writing and writing and writing ... and writing and writing and writing. The thing scrolled down so freakin' much I began to ask "What the hell am I doing?"

Do you know who you are?

In the words of Eddie Vedder,

"Don't call me writer, not fit to/The picture kept will remind me"

Okay so one word isn't Eddie's. The lyric is actually "daughter", not writer, and the song Daughter itself has some allusions about branding. It was said that it's in the perspective of a child who is one thing and understood as another.

How funny is it I found that out writing a post on personal branding?

Told you I was no writer. Nothing will define your brand (read: YOU) more than your actions. You don't need a set of bullets or occult legal information to understand that. But it's easy to trip up, easy to forget. You need to hitch your brand on something more foundational. That's why the next post will feature the really powerful information I promised about personal branding. Hope to catch you then.

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  1. Thanks Christopher. Great {oops won't say article} thought provoking piece of work. Like you said, I best start figuring out who I am!


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