Why Guest Blogging Is The Best SEO Strategy

Back in the day, SEO was a very simple process for those who understood it…

Basically, if you were an SEO consultant or marketer, you could just invest a few thousand dollars in some kind of automated software that would generate thousands of backlinks through automated blog comments.

How SEO Has Changed

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Things have changed a bit since then, but most so-called SEO gurus still use automated software to build backlinks or pay Virtual Assistants in the Philippines to spam directories or create blog link farms (hey, there’s even software now for building blog link farms).

Despite the newest advancements in automated SEO software (spamming tools), there have been quantum shifts in how search engines (Google) works. In the old days, it took years for Google to catch up to automated software that spammed links all over the internet. Now, it takes months, weeks or even just days for Google to respond to this kind of SEO (spam).

So what is a little old blogger like you to do? Hire a high-priced SEO consultant who knows what they’re doing? Buy some more automated software? Invest in more online courses and trainings to figure out how to drive traffic?

I don’t recommend any of those things – because I’ve tried them all – and NONE of them worked nearly as well in getting me SEO results and more traffic to my blog as good old fashioned guest blogging did. Here’s why…

Guest Blogging Is Natural

Guest blogging is a natural thing – and to Google that means it’s a beautiful thing for SEO results.

Is it okay if I tell on myself here?

I’m not writing this article and posting it on BlogSuccess because I’m a good guy. I’m not writing this article because I think it will get me into heaven. I’m writing this article because IT’S GOOD BUSINESS.

Thanks to guest blogging on sites like this, I took my main blog from 0 to over 100,000 hits a month in just 9 months. No high-priced SEO consultants, no automated software, no buying links… just good old fashioned guest blogging.

How much did it cost me?


Not one penny to post guest articles…

Although, I did hire a writer to write a few of those guest articles but that wasn’t necessary (it just saved me time).

So if you’re a blogger struggling to get more traffic to your site, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. I spent over $50,000 on SEO software, consultants, seminars, training courses, online academies, backlinks, software, applications, etc… and NONE OF IT WORKED NEARLY AS WELL AS GUEST BLOGGING.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to seminars or buy software. I’m a HUGE FAN of going to seminars, constant and never ending improvement and self-education, software (when used correctly and not for spamming) and business tools that will save you time and money.

All I’m saying is, if you dropped me on the middle of a deserted island with nothing but a computer and I had to get high quality, targeted traffic to my blog and make a profit at it… I’d start guest blogging right away, I’d write articles day and night, and I wouldn’t even consider buying SEO software or backlinks.

But that’s just my opinion... what’s yours? Have you had success with guest blogging? Post your comments below and let us know.

P.S. If you’re wondering how to get other bloggers in your niche to let you guest blog for them, I’ve written in great detail on how to do it here: How to contact bloggers for guest posting.

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