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Blog Success Deep Insight Paper DI-2015-06

The next Blog Success “Deep Insight” paper, is on "What you must know about Intellectual Property".

Covering everything from description and types of intellectual property (IP) to how IP rights accrue, this paper is a must-have for the SERIOUS online business owner cum blogger. The information contained in this paper will help you protect your revenues against your creative work's IP violation. At the same time this can help you steer clear of IP related lawsuits when you infringe on others' IP rights.

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Blog Success eBook - How to build a blog that counts

We got to confess something. We have left no stone unturned in ensuring that this book spells out EVERYTHING that is required to make a blog successful. You see, the 80 million inactive blogs statistic pains us. People get into blogging thinking all they have to do is write. So wrong.

This book is a "blunt assessment" and a "comprehensive guide" of what it takes to transform a blog from "idea" to "success.

Available in audio and pdf in November 2014, this will be our biggest offering this year!


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CurationSoft Tablet Version

“CurationTab” – CurationSoft that is blazingly fast & mobile.

The trusted and proven content aggregating, authoring and publishing features that made Curationsoft the web’s premier content curation software are now available “on the go”.

You can bring the same enrichment to your mobile and live blogging activity.

Releasing in 20154, CurationTab will give you a razor-sharp EDGE to your blogging activity, leaving your competition in the dust. Especially when you are blogging about news, events, seminars and other public activity that are time-sensitive, you MUST have CurationTab on your side.

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