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10 Reasons to Join Blog Success!

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You know it’s time for something to give. You need a bigger web presence so you can make money. This is how you get where you want to go! You think Einstein was wrong: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”
You’re tired of working for someone else, or worse, not working at all! You already have a great job you love and you make all the money you could ever need.
Nothing you’ve tried so far has gotten you anywhere and you want a proven system for success. You think you can actually start a web business (or grow your current business) by reading free articles on “how to blog” sites.
You want the kind of traffic and profits from your web presence that will equal full-time pay. You already make a great full-time income from the web and don’t need anymore traffic.
You need to know how to score for hundreds, even thousands of keywords sending you traffic from search engines. You already rank for all the keywords you want and don’t need any help with search engine marketing.
You don’t know what else to do to get attention for your site from search, social media, and direct traffic from other sites. You think “if I build it, they will come” is a typical result.
You have a tiny email list, or simply don’t have any idea how to set up and rock out a responsive, growing list of email subscribers. You currently have a large email list that is responsive to your offers and don’t need help building your list or making your subscribers love you and what you want to sell them.
You have very few followers on social media and have no idea how to turn social media attention into paying customers. You have a huge following on social media and know exactly how to get targeted, engaged, qualified buyer traffic with it.
You haven’t the faintest idea how to go viral in your market and have people spreading your content all over the web. You know how to develop viral content that explodes your site’s popularity.
You’re ready to become a real, successful content marketing business and not just one of the millions of people who have started a website. You’re already rocking it with a real business plan and you’re taking action on everything you need to do to grow your web popularity.


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Congratulations!  You’ve landed on the one site on the entire web that has taught over 10,000 members how to absolutely KILL IT with their web presence.

There’s a great living to be made on the web if you know just how to put a great site together and get targeted, qualified buyers to it.  That’s where Blog Success becomes your best friend!

No experience necessary to cash in on the information sharing trend that is sweeping the web!

Blog Success takes you through the 5 steps above with a focused, step-by-step system that’s so easy a 12 year old could do it. You can have a site up and running in no time flat, ready to start sharing information people are searching for.

Have you been searching for something you can do to make money online but everything is too technical, too hard or just way too advanced to be worth your time?

Over 10,000 members have taken the Blog Success training since we began!

Today, no one doubts that people are making money with blogs. But the people doing the cashing-in are usually geeks, programmers, professional web developers, software gurus, and other “experts.”

So is there really a way that someone with no experience at all can also cash in on the web?


And it’s a good thing too. People are still getting laid off and losing their jobs in record numbers. Hundreds of thousands of people check out the internet as a way to work from home rather than gambling on finding another job.

The problem has always been that there just haven’t been many easy ways for someone to start a profitable blog with no experience.

BlogSuccess Changes ALL OF THAT!

“A dream come true for anyone who wants to work on their own terms doing something fun, profitable, and most of all, easy!”

We’ve built a system that absolutely requires no previous experience to set up a powerful site and fill it with content that you don’t have to write.

You just say couple of things about the things you are sharing, like you would in an email to a friend, and the rest is content provided by our software that it finds for you!

“The Most Fun You Can Have Building Your Own Web Business”

How great is it when you share something that is funny or informative with friends and family? Everyone does it. You know the feeling when you get a return email saying “Wow!” or “Thanks for sharing that!”

Well, what if you could get paid to do that?

That’s what the BlogSuccess system makes possible! Instead of sharing with friends and family via email, you’re sharing with the entire Internet. But now, the “thanks” and “wow” comments come with the ability to make money by sharing great stuff!

The value you bring to the table is huge: you save people time and help them discover great content. That’s why you will attract visitors to your site. And that’s why they’ll share what they’ve found with others, and so on.

Your job is filtering the good information from all the noise. In this age of multi-tasking and short attention spans, people are hungry for someone to make finding great information easier for them.

In all areas of interest. All over the web.


  • Hosting for up to 10 money-making sites.
  • Site builder software for our famous 5 minute install – absolutely no technical knowledge required.
  • Choose from several different site “themes” to make the site look like you paid a web designer $1000 right from the start.
  • Fill your site(s) with content (that you don’t have to write) with our simple and easy-to-use software.
  • Make money from advertising and affiliate programs where you get paid to recommend software, hard goods, ebooks, courses, apps, anything you can imagine!
  • Never deal with the usual technical problems website owners face if you don’t want to.
  • Super low learning curve – anyone can do it.
  • Do what thousands of sites do right now: make money with niche sites that provide content people love.

How It Works

After taking about 10 minutes to set up your site, you’re ready to start sharing links.You simply fire up our special software to find out what’s “trending” on your topic and select the best links to share with the people who visit your site.

The stuff you share can be blog posts, Tweets, Flickr images, YouTube videos, or news from around the Internet. Whatever is hot that people are talking about (or will be) is fair game.

This attracts traffic to your website from people who would rather have you do all the filtering so they can just find the best stuff on any topic quickly, through your site, rather than tracking it all down themselves.

Instead of simply sharing information on your Facebook account, like everyone else does, you share it on your site which is set up to make money from the traffic it draws from the search engines and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Thousands of very popular sites do this everyday and pull down millions of dollars in advertising and affiliate revenue.

Your job is to simply use our software, be a good “picker,” (don’t worry, we’ll teach you how) and share what you find with your readers.

They, in turn, link to your site from Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and, if you break some news, other high-traffic websites will even link to you, sending you tons of website traffic and improving your search engine rankings in Google at the same time!

Advertisers will then want to get in front of your readers and pay you to place ads on your site.

On top of that, you can sell virtually limitless kinds of products and services to your readers as an affiliate. We’ll even show you how to put “automatic ads” on your site where you get paid for each click.

The Income Opportunity

People are buying millions and millions of dollars worth of stuff online. You know this. It’s all over the news and you’ve likely bought several things online yourself.

The people who most often initiate these sales are owners of websites with great content on them.They are known as “affiliates.” You can join an affiliate program for free and link to the product with a special link that will earn you money when someone buys.

This happens all over the Internet, all day, every day. To the tune of millions of dollars per day.

BlogSuccess puts you in that business with ease and shows you exactly how everything is done. And our software tools do all the heavy lifting for you!

What Members Are Saying

“This Membership Site Changed My Life Permanently”

Thanks for showing me the right way to build a permanent income. I couldn’t have done this without this membership site. Can’t thank you enough.This membership site changed my life permanently!

…I remember my first 100 visitor day and you were there to give me a “pat on the back” back then. You guys always made me want to push to the next level. It feels great knowing that you have successful people cheering you on. It really made a difference.

- Rusty Moore,

“Blog Is Two Weeks Old And Already Making Sales”

I’ve been posting content daily – both new articles and a few links from your software.The results have been surprising.In the 3 months I had the site up before converting it, I had made 0 sales and was on around page 4 in Google for my search term.

Now, I’m ranking on page 2 in Google and in the last 2 weeks I’ve had 3 sales.I’ve been so inspired that I just converted my old main site into a fresh blog using similar principles.One thing I really like about this approach is that I can feel good about actually contributing valuable content to internet users.

- markament (from Forum),

“I have learned more here than I did in four years of college.”

I have to attest I have actually learned more from Jack than I did in four years of college, and that my friend is the honest truth!

- Dwon Alexander

“Extremely valuable information”

Extremely valuable information and a massive opportunity. Thanks Jack for sharing this.

- Nando Morales

It’s as simple as this:

  • Grab a domain name at
  • Build a beautiful, high-tech site in a few clicks with our site installer
  • Start loading it with content using our exclusive software
  • Choose what you’d like to sell as an affiliate and put that on the site

The content you provide brings the readers.

The readers click on your ads and buy things through your affiliate links.

You get paid.

All this with nothing but your computer and Internet access!

And It Gets Even Better!

Aside from providing you with hosting for up to 10 sites and the content building software, we also teach you how to be a really good information sharer.

Through our easy video training you’ll learn quickly how to pick the right kinds of content to share with your audience for the biggest return on your time.

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. Just follow the easy steps, watch some videos, interact with our large and lively member forum, and build a business that will make you good money.

Everything you need to start this business and grow it is included at BlogSuccess.

There’s absolutely nothing else you have to purchase to start this wonderful, easy, and potentially lucrative business.

So how much does it cost?

Well let’s look at the value of everything included when you sign up for BlogSuccess today…

  • Premium hosting for up to 10 info sharing sites – $30/month
  • 5 minute site builder software – $150
  • Content assistant software – $60/year
  • Full video training center and pro member support staff – $97/month
  • Ongoing, up to the minute news and training from the best content marketing and information sharing specialists in the world $37/month

The value of the software tools, hosting, and training inside BlogSuccess is easily a monthly value of over $169 per month in services and training plus a value of $150 up front.

That’s a lot of valuable training, software and service. But we do not charge nearly that amount to gain access to everything inside Blog Success!

Though it is worth every penny, as over 10,000 members over the last 5 years can attest, we?ve made BlogSuccess the most affordable complete money-making business package you can find anywhere.

In fact, we are not even charging our full monthly fee, as low as it is, just to take a 14 day look at everything to see if what we say about what?s inside is actually true!

All the risk is on us and you must be thrilled with what you learn and the tools and training provided to make you money with information sharing!

Simply take our 14 day trial for less than 10 bucks and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose unless you don’t take action today!

NOTE: We can only take on so many members at a time so that we can support everyone properly and completely. This offer can and will change as we near our limit for new members!

So act fast to get in at this historically low price for BlogSuccess!

In just a couple of minutes you will have full access to everything: website, hosting, all of the writen and video training, all of the point-and-click software – it will all be at your disposal the minute you first log in!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will absolutely love BlogSuccess and how easy it is to build fantastic, lively, attractive content sites around any topic or your money back.

We’ll give you a full 60 days to try out the system and if it’s not working for you just contact us for a full refund. Simple as that. Join the revolution in online business with hundreds of others already inside, creating money-making sites!

Regular Price $67 Today $9.95 14 Day Trial (Then just $27/mo. for everything above!)

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Jack Humphrey, CEO,

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We were the first blogger training center on the web and we’ve taught over 10,000 people how to make money online with blogs.