Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Eliminate Headaches with a New Blog

By: Amy Guy

I have recently started a self-hosted wordpress blog. Through trial and error of my own, I have learned to appreciate 3 plugins that I have discovered. If you are not savvy in writing and editing code, these are great plugin to integrate. They have saved me time and put an end to my staring at the screen until I figure it out headaches.

The first plugin is the HTML Snippet (V 1.0). Integrate HTML code seamlessly to your wordpress. This plugin lets you generate a shortcode corresponding to any random HTML code be is javascript, ad codes, vide embedding codes or any raw HTML. The shortcodes can be used in your pages, posts and widgets. Insert HTML Snippet is developed and maintained by xyzscripts . This plugin has saved me so much time in adding advertisements and other links into my page. Very simple to use and works perfect.

The second plugin is WPShopcart. The woocommerce plugin was not compatible with my site and I discovered this awesome plugin. It does everything that you need it to do. WordPress Integration, Easy to Install ,Works with any WordPress Theme, Works well with other WordPress Plugins, Shortcodes available. Plugin handles on-line sales order processing for small businesses including digital downloads and Paypal payments – this is easier and more comprehensive than many PC based systems I have seen and used. I upgraded from the free version to the Pro version for $29. It was well worth it. I can easily keep track of my ebook inventory, change prices, announce a sale, update book covers, etc. The pages are set up automatically and have worked flawless for me. I highly recommend this plugin for first time bloggers that are going to sell something on their blog site. The price as well as the ease of use makes this a must-have.

The third plugin is Vcita. This is a free plugin is a contact form. The vCita contact form can easily be integrated into your website no programming required. You can either insert vCita's HTML code or use vCita's website plugins for platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Wix, Wibiya. This plugin has great features that you can customize your contact method preference.

I hope you have found this information useful. I use the Wootheme Headlines. All of the mentioned plugins work perfectly. I found these plugins after giving up and deactivating others. Give them a chance and you will enjoy the great functions and simplicity of use. My site is:

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