The Merchant of New York City Summer Traffic Report!

Since May, I haven't kept tabs on my traffic or what I've been doing to get it. And yet, a few hundred people come on to my site to see me talk my nonsense. Wanna see what that's really about?  C'mon, here we go.

This is not going to be very scientific

I promise you this will not be another one of those 13 million posts about that dirty 3 letter word. This is how a Blog Success member mushes training and common sense into a ball of "Oh, I see what's happening".

It's an exercise in boredom, but it's necessary to get good at. To the experts, this will seem like the funny drunk guy at your college party who's  not all there, but he's functional.

Rest assured, none of this should be used against me in a court of law. I don't need to say that, it's just a segway. BOOM, content writing tip. Onwards.

Where my traffic at!

So, I fire up Analytics and Google gives me a bunch of numbers and dates.

Do you know what this is?

google analytics, traffic report

This is the RAW intelligence.

And what does it say?

About a handful (10%) came by to check on what's going on, the rest (90%) were Times Square they just came to see the lights. More than half (55%) came from search engines, and the other half was split between Referrals and Direct, the balance tipped to Referrals (28%).

That's pretty significant.  If you'll remember the real world for a second, referrals are pretty important to small businesses with or without the Internet. Wifi just makes it better.

To whom do I owe a high five?

Google Plus, with Blog Success as a runner up for most referral traffic. WordPress plugins that broadcast new posts to Twitter and Facebook come in at third. Social media and guest posting accounts for a good chunk of traffic.

The content found there is indexed by search engines anyway, so keep in mind that referral traffic from social media and search engine traffic are kind of like cogs in the same machine that brought people over to my place for content.

Are you still with me?

If you are, you now know the weather out there in the sea of traffic. You know where there rain (readers) is coming from. You're Al Roker and you're reading the teleprompter like a champion.

But looking closer at the reports because there was a spike in traffic at or about June 15th.

What content was pulling people in so much?

I go back to the posts for June and suddenly remember that guy who walked the tightrope over Niagra Falls. It was a historical event and people all over the country tuned in at 10 pm EST to see if this man would die on TV. Nik Wallenda had everybody on the edge of their seats.

Nik Wallenda's tightrope walk over Niagara Falls is one for the history books

He had the full attention of a huge audience for about an hour when most everyone was home from work on the east coast. And right on the bottom left hand side of the TV was a little Twitter hashtag that said "WalkTheLine".

You're going to want to read this part of the post again, very slowly.

So after seeing a man almost die, I did what any warm blooded American would do ... I made a joke . People shared in the comic relief within good timing, and that's what led to what entertainment professionals call ... a pop.

What would a professional do?

Well, I'm no career blogger, but I guess if you had a site devoted to tightrope walking or daredevil stunts, this could have been a money maker.

Say a blogger like that has a couple thousand visitors per month all this year, then got 6 times his normal traffic in a one or two day span last month. What would happen?

What if you did some tight rope walking the day before or after? Or asked people to submit their videos on your tightrope/daredevil related site? Is there more attention getting to be got while it's still hot?

What if you put some thought into the whole situation? It's a busy world, there's always something going on. These are things to think about.

Wrapping up

Special shout out to Lady La, Brook Burke, the Warrior ForumVegas Vince, and Dani Nixx. All people and sites who contributed some great traffic in 2012.

It just goes to show that beauty controls the world and if you just follow your passion in the universe, pornography is still a billion dollar business and that's not my fault so don't blame me for freaky search results ...

Pop quiz, what do you do when you need some quick content?

That's right, when you have almost nothing to to talk about due to massive distraction, take a look at your own blog. Just run through that sidebar in Analytics for Traffic Overviews and Sources. It's easier than ever to read. Chances are you're bored anyway so go see what's going on. Take action on that information. I think grown ups call it "accountability". Losers.

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