The Best Of Android Apps Every Blogger Must Have

The popularity of smart phones is growing in leaps and bounds. People prefer using them because they are convenient, fast and they enable the users to access any information at any time. As the smart phones get more popular, people are also in lookout for new applications that make life and work easy. It’s a fact that smart phone users seldom make the use of conventional; PC’s or laptops.

When many functions can be performed by making the use of smart apps, blogging is no exception. If you are using an Android based smart phone, you will be amazed with the value that these applications will provide to you. Here is an insight on the best of Android applications that every blogger should have.


Without a doubt this is the most important application if you are into blogging. WordPress for Android enables you to create new posts, edit comments and manage the comments with the help of built-in notifications. If you are not near the PC or the laptop you can easily create small posts and update the bloggers with this app. Moreover if you would like to save any piece of information right away, you can write it in the blog and save it as draft. With this application, the bloggers can keep pace with the perfect and convenient smart phone blogging. This application is fast and works best on the tablets as well.

Just like you use this application for creating blogs, the readers utilize this application as well for going through the latest updates. As this application is used by a wide range of people, there is a possibility that many people might be accessing your blog / blogging website at the same time. In case it’s a blogging website, it is important to make sure that it is properly supported with a strong [url=]Webhosting[/url] platform that is capable of keeping the website up at all times. By doing this, you will be able to avoid the disappointment for the reader; if in case he/she is trying to access your blog but can’t get through. This will make it easy for the people to check your latest blog updates through PC, laptop or smart phones easily at any time.


Tumblr is a micro blogging platform that allows the users to post text, video links, images and quotes to their tumblelog. You can also follow the tumblelogs that you find interesting. The posts of these tumblelogs can be viewed on the dashboard. You can also re-blog the posts so that they can be seen on the user’s tumblelog.

Apart from that, the Tumblr application also performs functions like queuing posts, saving drafts, customizing tweets and much more. You can also mange the main blog and several other blogs. The best thing about this application is that it allows you to find and follow people from your address book. Basically this application makes it easy for you to keep in touch with the fellow bloggers.


Blogger is developed by Google; the best thing about Blogger is that it simplifies the sign up process. There is no need to create a unique username and password; you can easily login with your Google credentials. The Blogger apps for Android comprises of features that enable fast publishing of new posts, adding images and labels to your blog entries.

Posterous Spaces

This application enables you to manage the spaces; these spaces are more like the tumblelogs. They provide the users with the option of uploading a single picture or many of them at one go. The users can also share the text posts that they have been created earlier so that readers can view them. This app is different from Tumblr as the user is in control of the spaces. Users have the authority of determining with whom they would like to share their space with.

Google Drive

Google drive enables the bloggers to store all types of documents; this includes Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, audios, videos, images and many more in the cloud. Apart from just storing them, the app will also synchronize the documents across various devices linked to your Google account as a result of which, bloggers can access the files from any location. In case you are working on a blog post on your laptop and if it is half way done, you can continue working on it through your phone.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This is the most desirable application for those who are tired of small key buttons and typos while using the smart phones. SwiftKey Keyboard does not just correct the typos you make, it also offers with word predictions and options on the basis of your past typing activities. It is also possible to customize the word predictions by making the keyboard remember your choice of words for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and for the blog posts.


You will surely not get disappointed with this application if you have been a long time fan of LifeJournal. The official LifeJournal application provides you with easy access to your journal through your smart phone or tablet. Its closely identical to its desktop counterpart, the app enables you to post entries, manage comments and manage the posts that you have published. You can also post photos and create post polls with this app.

If you are on some trip and you would like to check your post progress, the LifeJournal application enables you to compose drafts so that the whole thing can be posted either when you complete your trip or when you are ready to share it with your friends. The LifeJournal application also enables you to post to the communities.


The Blogger-droid application is somewhat similar to the Blogger application; as it enables you to perform similar functions. You can create, view and edit the blog posts on your Blogger blog easily. You can also add images to those posts and also select the size and quality of the uploaded pictures. If you are planning to queue the posts ahead of time, Blogger-droid enables you to set a time and date for the entry to be published, thereby better blog management is facilitated.


This is a free app for Android that enables you to send updates to Facebook and Twitter virtually from any location. Additionally you can also easily manage the campaigns, schedule updates and even check the click through stats for your social networking websites. This application can be used on a daily basis and it is very easy to send tweets and check the ones that have been sent earlier. With a user friendly design and layout and is very convenient to use.


Flipboard has recently launched its Android application. This app enables the users to browse through their Twitter, Fcaebook and Google+ streams and the Google reader feeds can be accessed as well in a beautiful flipping interface. It also brings together a stream of important stories for those who are busy to go through the blogging updates. In terms of blogging this is useful for providing fresh news content through which you can get better blogging ideas.

Dolphin Browser HD

This application offers you with powerful add-on support, bookmarks folder support, multi-touch pinch zoom, multi tabs browsing, smart RSS detection and colorful themes. Once you use the Dolphin browser, you might not use any other one.


This application enables the publishers to moderate and respond to your comments on the go. You can easily perform the functions like approving the comments, marking spam and deleting content. If you have enabled Disqus on your blog, then you must get this application. This application provides with a user friendly interface and makes it easy to moderate the comments and reply to them right away.

These applications allow you to do manage the blog or make some tweaks even when you are away from the PC/laptop, they make you a smart blogger! Get the ones you think will enable you to manage the blog efficiently and blog anywhere at any time. Happy blogging :)


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