Marvin S.

I just started using Curationsoft in order to start curating technology news for my website. Within days, I stopped using the other curation software I had previously purchased and switched entirely to Curationsoft. The interface is so intuitive that I still have not watched all of the training videos – but I learn completely new techniques each time I do watch a new one. The ability to easily use this in conjunction with Facebook is amazing and will be a great way to drive traffic to my site. In addition to curation for my blog, I have also been using it for research. If you open a Google Drive document and drag research content found with CurationSoft over into the document, you not only have a great all-in-one-place resource – but your bibliography is nearly built if you need to provide sources. I am using it for researching compliance in the mortgage finance field and it has already been an amazing time saver. Finally, I am completely blown away by your amazing customer support. I opened one support ticket to take care of a password issue (my fault) that was responded to almost immediately. The second ticket was opened to point out a minor bug which – was fixed within a day or two. Thanks for creating this fine software and providing such great support. I happily give CurationSoft five stars!

Paul S.

I have used the software in numerous sites to enable me to select and add a range of curated content and I find it easy and simple to use, while at the same time powerful to attract truly dynamic content. I use the software to find interesting and useful content for some of my sites and I still wish to learn more about using the software to the max. Content curation is core to the future development of sites as we all need good quality and reliable content to add to sites on a daily basis.

Mike H.

I use CurationSoft to help grab content for Tier 2 and Tier 3 sites for ranking purposes. It allows me to create decent looking sites with good content for SEO reasons when working to rank a certain site. Content is king, and great content is always best! I basically repurpose expired domains and use the software to do it quickly and natural looking. I get paid for my SEO services for clients and use the software a lot: I use it to get content quickly to build out sites that link to my client or ‘money’ sites that need to look good and hold up to human evaluation. Content curation gives me the ability to use relevant topics, content, videos for a specific niche and find quality content and quality authority links quickly to build out a site.

Richard B

CurationSoft helps in finding fresh content to fill our blog with news and updates. The more news and updates you add to your site, the better in terms of quality and search engine love.We have had increased traffic to our news site and hold top 10 rankings for niche related news.This news site has helped indirectly by referring clients to us in related industries. It has also helped to establish us as an authority in the industry. We use it to stay in tune with news and blog posts related to martial arts movies, sports, etc. Content curation, once you get used to it provides fresh insight and helps to quickly overcome writers block.

Mark L

CurationSoft helped me overall to improve my “image” with clients since I’m no longer “just” the SEO-guy, since I made it part of my “package”, and really only use it as a competitive advantage.I use it a lot for my offline clients to get them an idea of what blogs to put out, where to find them and what to put how and where. I often show it off in a meeting, where we go online and look up articles/info pertaining to their business. We then compare it with stuff they have on their website.It’s VERY valuable to have ONE piece of software to get the info my clients need to become better bloggers.

Wayne S.

CurationSoft makes content creation faster, and allows me to curate content and know I put together a quality post. Not some garbage spin or autopost. The software helps me find content and it does an excellent job doin it. I use it to add content to my personal blog and other websites I run. So the bottom line is, the software gets me content fast, and saves me hours of time that I used to spend (and dread spending) to create something useful.

Rod A.

CurationSoft helps expediting research in locating relevant content. Access to Twitter, YouTube, Google News & Flickr makes for varied and vast resources. Further emotional comfort by realizing that the content found is copyright safe. The ability to search by keyword then drag and drop, edit and post is fast and easy. Pingback creation saves time by not having to grovel, or worse, pay, for backlinks. Insertion of digitally rich media improves visitor experience. I have not tracked search engine rankings, but generally have more visits. It is so easy that I use the software when I am on my treadmill desk, so I can get a workout while easily adding pages of content.

Richard C.

We manage over 80 websites and CurationSoft allows us to post interesting and unique content quickly and easily on a regular basis from one place. Before we had CurationSoft it was a time consuming process to find and edit content and the login to each site and make a post. Now it’s really very easy. The curated posts we make to each site add weight both in terms of number of posts and credibility in terms of people having confidence we know what we’re are talking about. I have no hard evidence but I’m sure it helps convert to a sale of our products as customers often reference posts in their communications with us.I have an assistant use the software to post interesting news items to 2 to 3 of our 80+ sites on a daily basis. It’s quick and easy to do and does not take her more than 5 mins per post. Before it would have taken her 30 mins per post, maybe longer.It enables us to keep our customers and prospects in touch with our industry niche and provide a service which both find valuable. Because of the speed we are able to post valuable content on a lot of sites, quickly and regularly for low cost.

Michael D.

CS enables me to share crucial info with members of my congregation who do not have the time to do the kind of research I do.

Seann V.

This software Rocks! It’s on the top of my list as Best of Year.

Peter F.

Brilliant tool!!

Michael G.

Just bought CS using my Visa card. Didn’t see that option at first. Thanks for the blog post about how you can copy and paste a blog post into CS and then let it find it and then drag it over to my blog. Worked a lot better than me just typing in a few keywords from the title.I tweeted about CS twice tonight. What can I say? Lovin’ it. When you make a great product people should know about it. Keep up the great work!

Norm G.

When CurationSoft first came out I experimented with it a bit. I found that it would work…if forced. Lots of potential but kind of balky. Well, using it I placed a page on my PR3 site to see what would happen about three months ago. Guess what? My internal test news page is sitting at PR3! I confess I forgot about it for awhile. What a GREAT surprise. So, seeing that Google likes my CurationSoft generated page it became time to put it into service for real. I’m writing to say that the CurationSoft guys have been busy! The interface is not only now totally non-buggified, but more friendly than ever! I give it a solid WOW!! This thing WORKS! Thanks!! (PS… I would NOT have attempted this excellent addition to my site without CurationSoft.)

Mark U.

It makes it much faster and thereby easier to curate important content for my followers. Convenience is key. I use the post builder daily. I use CurationSoft more for keeping my blog fresh and relevant. I discover new authors frequently with fresh perspectives. Often the latest in scientific developments come up which my readers tend to favor. Some of these posts have been developed into pages that receive significant traffic.

Andrew S.

Saves me time and therefore money. Provides quick and easy way of putting together content for prospect and customer education. Reduces workload for research, article and report writing. Enabled me to outsource work to people with no subject matter expertise.I use multiple strategies for driving traffic and SEO, impossible for me to say what impact just the software had.Curationsoft has only been used as a supporting tool for curating content not for direct revenue generation. Saved me a few hours per month – maybe 2 hours per week. I use it to collect content for use in educating prospects and customers – I will share info curated via social media and blogs to keep my name top of mind. Also used software for researching content that I could adapt for articles/reports. The biggest thing was I could outsource research and customer education to a virtual assistant in Philippines saving me a couple of hours per week.

Sam H.

Back to the Future? I’ve been online long enough to remember when those of us with online diaries (pre-blog era) were considered so weird, a psychologist did a study of us. (At the time, there were only about 125 of us. We tested as more private than most people, but we were also greater risk-takers.)I also remember when a “weblog” (the root of the term, “blog”) was a list of cool links with comments about each of them. That’s when Yahoo had barely started, and the sea of websites… well, we hadn’t a clue how to find the best of the new sites & articles, except from our friends ‘ links (weblogs) and the occasional WebRing. So, I’m thrilled to see curated content returning to center stage. In my opinion, it’s where the real fun of the Internet started. Today, search engines can’t keep up with the plethora of new (and improved) websites.And, when I’m searching at Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., I’m frustrated by the listing loopholes exploited by spammers.CurationSoft saves the day! I’m delighted to have affordable software to find great websites to share with others. Of course, I still need to curate the articles the software finds for me, but CurationSoft reduces my work by at least 3/4… and it’s fun at the same time! Thank you, CurationSoft!

John H.

I would like to submit an example post and ranking screen shot of a post created using Curationsoft. It was posted in July and still ranks very highly out of a lot of results I even outrank Mashable and Search Engine Land! The article can be found here: articles-worth-time/ .And I have attached a screenshot to showcase the ranking too. If you need anything else let me know! I would like to at some point offer more of a testimonial etc and maybe even a mini case study. Since using Utility Poster (and switching to Curationsoft) it has literally brought my blog back to life. Before using it, I hadn’t blogged since October 2010! I now blog a few times a week. Keep up the great work guys – I’m looking forward to seeing even more cool updates!