Reply Girls: When Video Marketing Gets Ugly


It's ironic because video reply girls make money marketing themselves because they're not ugly at all. If you haven't seen a reply girl on Youtube, you clearly aren't making the best use of your day like I am. Check this episode of the Bored and Beautiful, an unfolding video blogging and marketing story. This was going on all year long. Reports and profiles from popular sites like VICE came along as multiple posts sprouted on the net about the unusual success of reply girls. And with … [Read more...]

Chris Lang on Some Breaking Google Plus News: Scheduling Hangouts On Air


This is developing.  More when Chris (or anyone) finds out more on the apparent upcoming ability to schedule Google Plus Hangouts on Air. … [Read more...]

Exclusive YouTube And Video Marketing Ideas

Okay, everyone knows about Youtube right? Post a video, get seen, watch others, have fun. For content creators this is almost like the frontier's edge. Video marketing on Youtube gets you on the same grand stage as any Kardashian.  Here's some exclusive video marketing and Youtube ideas and links I picked up on my gigs and travels around the web. Remixing other people's content It's genius. See that funny cat video ? Put your spin on it. Make it explode with a quick graphic. Okay, that's … [Read more...]

Optimizing YouTube Videos for Search


There are certain things you must do to show up for searches in Google and on YouTube above your competition.  This video will show you some excellent tactics for doing just that. … [Read more...]