Thesis 2 Theme – A Review & Overview

The WordPress Theme Thesis 2 has been out for around 10 days and is still without any formal documentation or help notes (at the time of writing this) although the forum is quite good at answering questions. The trouble is once you upload Thesis 2 and hit the activate button you are dealing with a completely different 'monster' than you are used to with WordPress themes. This one has skins and packages and boxes and all kinds of strange and wonderful things to contend with and so I thought I would take the time to add a few quick Thesis 2 tips to help you get started. So what makes Thesis 2 so different? Well, instead of buying a WordPress theme you get to build your own; your very own dream ‘home’ on the web. Rather than putting up with the design and ideas of another person and moulding your blog, images, text and video around their theme you get to sit and design your own theme. Every page on a blog from the blog post to the 404 error page and even what your tag archive page looks like has to be built from scratch. They can all look exactly the same or you can make each page completely different. If you are looking for someone to put your blog up for you I can help. I sat down on Saturday October 6th at 10am and I went to bed at 2am. Fed the kids fish and chips and only stood up every couple of hours to walk on the spot and get my circulation going, plus toilet...

WordPress Spring and Re-Theme Change

A good wordpress theme can take a business a LONG way online. It's a standard now that design and business go together. There's going to the deli for your coffee in a paper cup, and then there's boutique $10 hipster coffery. I hate that example, but you get the point. And in the last 30 days or so, Re-Theme Change has been in the air. I wondered ... How do you find your theme? You should try to identify your theme before you ever start looking for a WordPress theme.  It's a healthy exercise that impacts your blog at some point. It's like having a sense of fashion. Who you are eventually informs what you wear. On the other hand, businesses are likely to change up their image more often than ever. In a sense I always had a theme I was never going to be a Tedster. I'm not the guy you pay much attention to. I'm not the guru in 1970's California you sit for hours and hang on every word. I'm not a bald man with all the right ideas. Or the college boy with a funny hairdo. No, the Merchant is the fruit of American labor, the vivid thoughts of an urban treasure hunter, the content of a certain capitalist attitude. What I post is merely charged ions cascading around the internet. My posts on business are too abstract for a typical wordpress theme, but enough to connect a few minds and bend the web my way. I used to use Twenty Ten As simple as it was, it was still too much. So I delved into geeky world...

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