All The Women In Social Media Universe In This One Post


You would think I was a feminist with this, that and the other post, featuring women in my posts. What can I say, I love the girls and getting the content is like shopping for bananas, crazy easy. Women in social media are dominating and I've curated the best information to date for women seeking women in social media. To start, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Campaigns like these make women in social media so powerful The … [Read more...]

“Shortcodes” To Owning Popular Sites Like Blog Success


There was a new sheriff in town (for about 3 1/2 minutes). His name was The Merchant and for a brief time in Blog Success history, he was it's glorious owner. Shortcodes do nifty things with little effort on Wordpress blogs. Well, here's how I shot to the top of this pro blogging site the same way. Let's get "mindset" out of the way I'm not your typical "make money" blogger. I don't promote every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there, my mother raised me better than that. Instead I sail the seas … [Read more...]

Blog Success, Meet Triberr

There is a content marketing storm coming, Blog Success members. Big Blogs have dominated because they grabbed the attention of the machines, leaving smaller bloggers at the bottom. Not anymore. A league of shadows is preparing the way for a new culture of content marketing. Blog Success community + Triberr technology = the POWERFUL advantage Triberr is an emerging blog community that Blog Success can really benefit from working with. The founders are actively changing the way we distribute … [Read more...]

Signs Your Blog Needs A New Deal


Don't be caught dead and outdated in the blogosphere. When the U.S. economy collapsed under FDR, there were signs that new policies had to be enacted. Today, we have the Comment Crunch and a Content Crisis. The signs are everywhere. Below are a few ways that show how your readers just might need a New Deal. But first, a response "A New Blog Success Method" is a blunt conversation about the new dynamic every blogger who's on this site should be aware of. This video is great way to step back, … [Read more...]