Common Misconceptions of Social Media That Bloggers Have


There are many untruths about what works and what doesn’t work regarding social media and it tends to be bloggers that are unsuccessful. The results of these failings can lead to a fall in reader numbers which can sometimes mean that they won’t ever come back. For blogging to be successful in social media terms the answer does not lie in the huge amount of facebook posts or Tweets, it lies within the ability to develop a strategy which saves time but also has a great return. Here are the top … [Read more...]

The Best Of Android Apps Every Blogger Must Have

Android blogging applications

The popularity of smart phones is growing in leaps and bounds. People prefer using them because they are convenient, fast and they enable the users to access any information at any time. As the smart phones get more popular, people are also in lookout for new applications that make life and work easy. It’s a fact that smart phone users seldom make the use of conventional; PC’s or laptops. When many functions can be performed by making the use of smart apps, blogging is no exception. If you … [Read more...]

Next Step for Inbound Marketing: Amazon SEO?


According to Hitwise, in August of 2012, 11.3 billion searches were conducted in Google. This is a massive number to be sure, but it is a drop of 200 million compared with August of last year. Nor was this unique to Google. The entire search engine industry saw a drop in use. But that's not all. According to Forrester research in July, 30 percent of online buyers start researching their product purchases on Amazon, while only 13 percent start on a search engine like Google or Bing. No wonder … [Read more...]

Spice Up Your Blog With Pinterest


If you manage a niche blog and you want to increase traffic to your website, you are likely aware of the importance of developing and implementing an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. A strong SEO campaign encompasses a targeted keyword research effort and link building. You can use freely available tools such as Google AdWords to compile a list of relevant keywords pertaining to your blog's niche. These keywords should be in high demand, meaning that they have a large … [Read more...]

Why Guest Blogging Is The Best SEO Strategy


Back in the day, SEO was a very simple process for those who understood it… Basically, if you were an SEO consultant or marketer, you could just invest a few thousand dollars in some kind of automated software that would generate thousands of backlinks through automated blog comments. How SEO Has Changed Things have changed a bit since then, but most so-called SEO gurus still use automated software to build backlinks or pay Virtual Assistants in the Philippines to spam directories or … [Read more...]

SEO Is Confusing. Is There Another Way To Get Traffic?


I'd rather Bend The Web. Source: via Jack on Pinterest … [Read more...]

Google Panda Update Infographic


Google’s Panda Updates are designed to penalize sites with weak content and to reward sites with quality content. Each of the 14 Panda Updates is an attempt to refine Google’s search engine results for the better. Google has around 46 Billion pages currently indexed and more than 80% of penalized websites are still struggling to recover from the update. Read more:   … [Read more...]

Domain Age and Google Rankings: Overrated or worth considering?


Domain age is a term which refers to domain name age of any website. It counts on the age of the website along with the amount of time passed since the domain name was registered. SEO is considered to be an important process which helps in improving your website rankings over search engines. Many experts believe that domain age has to be taken into consideration while optimizing your website or any other SEO activities. Also, there is a belief that younger domains produce weaker search … [Read more...]

Which social network is best for organic SEO? The answer might surprise you!

organic seo

So you think you've got Facebook nailed down and the links you've built from Fan Pages are totally rocking your organic SEO. Or you think Twitter is getting the job done for you. With all the hubub over Google+ being a "ghost town" (which I've never experienced since day 1) those who have been there from the beginning and those who get involved and actually engage, are benefiting more than people spending the same time on Twitter and Facebook combined. The following infographic answers … [Read more...]

Pinterest – Spammers Are A Girl’s Best Friend


Quick, what has black hat, bots, and boobs all over? Wrong, dirty bird! It's Pinterest. Word on the street is Pinterest got so much traffic, it's like selling candy to babies. Babies who will pin it to others babies with computers who will repin and buy it through an affiliate link. Like the Matrix. It's that  serious, folks. Christa Laser, a popular Hangout Academy personality on Google+ was publicly praising  Pinterest's responsible practices about 10 days ago. Didn't think twice about it … [Read more...]