Common Misconceptions of Social Media That Bloggers Have

There are many untruths about what works and what doesn’t work regarding social media and it tends to be bloggers that are unsuccessful. The results of these failings can lead to a fall in reader numbers which can sometimes mean that they won’t ever come back. For blogging to be successful in social media terms the answer does not lie in the huge amount of facebook posts or Tweets, it lies within the ability to develop a strategy which saves time but also has a great return. Here are the top seven myths about social media and why they don’t work: 1. Start on Monday, see huge results on Tuesday. When using social media, there is no such thing as overnight success. Social media is seen as a long term commitment and not for people who want to make an immediate impact. This sort of thing takes time and effort, so keep going and you will soon see the benefits. 2. Work hard to surround followers in content. Sometimes, when bloggers start using social media, it tends to lead them into thinking that they need to stay up late and work all night to produce enough content to last forever. To draw in more followers, the best method is to build up the amount of content gradually and not do it all in one go. 3. Social networking is about numbers. The ultimate goal of using social media is to establish an audience which embraces your blog and enjoys the content you put on it. It will not be very helpful if you buy 25,000 bot followers for a...

The 250 Most Expensive Keywords

If you do Google Adwords advertising, this is a page you'll want to put on your bookmarks. Markus Allen is tracking the 250 most expensive keywords on Google Adwords and updating the list each month. Click on the image below to see the full list. I am floored by the Cost Per Click for some of these keywords. Do you think you could learn something about conversion from people who are spending over $100 per click to get people to their sites? They have to have high converting landing pages or they'd work straight through their advertising budget in a day or two with nothing to show for it. Track down the advertisers without clicking their Adwords links though. They are paying a pretty penny per click and you don't want to run up their bill....

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