The 250 Most Expensive Keywords

If you do Google Adwords advertising, this is a page you'll want to put on your bookmarks. Markus Allen is tracking the 250 most expensive keywords on Google Adwords and updating the list each month. Click on the image below to see the full list. I am floored by the Cost Per Click for some of these keywords. Do you think you could learn something about conversion from people who are spending over $100 per click to get people to their sites? They have to have high converting landing pages or they'd work straight through their advertising budget in a day or two with nothing to show for it. Track down the advertisers without clicking their Adwords links though. They are paying a pretty penny per click and you don't want to run up their bill....

Why People Love Search Engine Marketing

The most common one is SEO. SEO is a set of techniques used in building webpages that make your web site easier to find. Techniques such as keyword saturation and backlink creation are used to have more of your pages show up in the index (saturation) and to push those pages higher up in the rankings (popularity). People tend to only look at the first three links on a search engine page before making a decision. Or, at most, they skim the first page. The good thing about SEO techniques is that they don't require any money to implement, just some knowledge and a bit of sales technique. By properly optimizing your pages, you'll increase your chances of moving up the ranks and getting more views, and hopefully more sales. SEO Tools A cool feature of search engine marketing is the tools that search engines provide to allow their customers to optimize their pages and advertisements. Tools such as keyword analyzers and A/B testing enable webmasters to try out combinations of keywords and copy to create the most compelling message for consumers. Many of these tools are free to anyone with an advertising account, especially keyword analysis which can be considered the most important aspect of search engine marketing. Different engines provide different tools, so you'll want to do your research to find the fit that is best for you. In a world where more and more business is being done online, the need for increased visibility on the Internet is vital. Search Engine Marketing is one of the main keys, along with Social Media Marketing, in generating a...

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