How to make money with podcasts and Google Hangouts!

In this episode of "What's Your Story?" Entrepreneurial Series, Yifat Cohen, The G+GoTo Gal is interviewing David Siteman Garland owner of The Rise To The Top on how to make money from your own internet show. 0:01:20: How David got his first traditional TV show without any experience. 0:09:21: When did you start interviewing celebrities like Ali Brown and Patty Stanger Find Yifat Cohen on Google Plus Visit Yifat Cohen, G+GoTo...

This Week On Friday Traffic Report: Google and SEO

This week on the Friday Traffic Report we discussed the new semantic search changes coming up for Google.  Also discussed were the very basic SEO tactics every online publisher should pay attention to. Links from this week's show: Get the latest from the Friday Traffic Report Facebook...

Blog Success Podcasting Guide

Want to get into Podcasting? Learn how to podcast with the Blog Success Podcasting Guide! Originally, podcasting was developed to allow people to distribute radio-style shows over the Internet. Today, podcasting is used for school lessons, audio tours, conference meetings, police departments, and radio shows in scores of markets. Sharing information via podcasts has become much easier, with live feeds or direct streaming.Although intended to be played on an iPod, podcasts can be played right on a computer or within web browsers. Top 10 Reasons To Podcast To reach your target market in new places they like to surf for information. To harness a new medium for distributing your information. To create interesting and valuable interviews with important people your market is interested in hearing from. To train your clients and customers. To create fast content. To transcribe your podcasts and use the transcripts to help you rank in the engines. To create content worthy of linking to by other bloggers. To attract “celebrity” experts who like being interviewed for the exposure. To be an authority – the “Larry King” of your market niche. To get more links from podcaster directories of all kinds. This handy reference will cover the resources you need for every aspect of podcasting. How to Create a Podcast Here you will find several references for step-by-step beginner tutorials, and any legal issues that are relevant: How to Create Your Own Podcast Online Tools and Software for Creating Podcasts iLounge Beginner’s Guide to Creating Podcasts Podcasting Legal Guide Hosting and Broadcasting Your Podcast for Free If there’s a way to do it for free, why pay for it? Here is a list of...

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