Why Your Content Fails: 6 Tips for Better Outreach

No one said building links was easy. If it were, everyone would be making money like the top internet marketing companies. Far too often, beginners in the SEO game think they can simply compile a list of a thousand bloggers and send out a canned email about some lame linkbait. Then they wonder why no one wants to link to them. Bloggers are people too. They’re not going to link to you simply because you asked them to. The reason many of these projects fail is they have poor outreach strategies. Here are some great SEO tips used in WebpageFX SEO packages: 1. Personalize Why don’t your blog targets reply to your canned emails? Because they’re not canned people. They can see a mass email coming from a mile away. Instead of trying to target a thousand bloggers with one email, try targeting 20 with personalized emails. Talk about mutual interests, compliment their site in specific ways, and show them that you are actually interested in them as people, then you’ll have a much better success rate. 2) Ask for help Instead of jumping into why you want them to post a link to your site, ask for their help on a project you are working on. They’re interested in something or they wouldn’t be blogging about it. Create a project that would interest them and ask for their feedback. They’ll be much more likely to link to your project if they feel they’ve had a hand in creating it. 3) Share their stuff People love to be tweeted (and retweeted). Follow them on twitter and share some of...

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