7 Points To Remember When Dealing With The Media

Dealing with the media is a learning process, and one that any communications officer or PR will have to work at to avoid making mistakes. Keeping a strong relationship with the media is essential to maintaining a strong brand identity, and for managing how information is shared between different parties. However, and given the speed by which mistakes can spread on Twitter and other sites, being cautious about speaking to the media is more important than ever. It is therefore essential that you know how to put across your side of a story, as well as being able to back up arguments with facts, and knowing when to stay silent. These points, and more, are expanded on below. 1 - Putting Across Your Version of a Story When dealing with the media, you need to be able to stay on message for your business at all times. Avoid mistakes, and always remember a few key points that need to be repeated. Spend time working on these key points as part of your overall management strategy, and try to be as concise as possible to avoid overly complicating a message. 2 - Build Strong Relationships A few excellent relationships with journalists and media outlets will mean that you can build up a strong level of trust, which can help to prevent attack stories from developing. Promise exclusives and provide follow ups to trusted journalists. Making yourself available, and being honest with journalists about what you can realistically provide, will mean that you will be able to establish a constant relationship with the media. 3 - Know How to Deal with...

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