How to Pick Money Making Keywords

Thinking about starting a blog today? It’s a fairly safe bet that you won’t be alone. Whether or not your blog will be a success largely depends on what you deem success to entail. If you’re just thinking of a blog as somewhere to keep a record of your thoughts, musings, and rants with little concern as to how many people actually read your outpourings then you’re pretty much onto a winner as soon as you’ve got past the “Hello World” stage. If on the other hand, you’re harboring dreams of your blog making you millions, or at the very least bringing in any sort of income, then you’re going to have to put a little more thought into what you’re putting out there. Unless you’re particularly hilarious, sarcastic, or even freakishly good looking, and hope that people will come for that reason alone, the first thing to do is to choose your blog topic. It should probably go without saying that you should aim to choose something you’re actually interested in. If you don’t, the chances are you’ll be bored to tears within a month and start finding the day job unusually attractive. Start brainstorming ideas with a simple list or mind map. At this stage, it really doesn’t matter how ludicrous your ideas may seem. Just jot down whatever comes to mind. Whether it’s small business, window cleaning, or stripey socks, it really doesn’t matter as there’s a strong possibility that other people will be interested too. When you’ve got at least five contenders, break them down further. Let’s take small business as an example. You might...

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