7 Free Website Evaluation Tools

Creating a successful web-based business, whether it's a blog, an online-service or a product-platform is exciting, challenging and potentially lucrative. However, coming up with your initial idea and bringing it to fruition is just half of the challenge. You could have the stickiest content, the coolest service or the most 'must-have' products, but if your website is slow, poorly-optimized or barely linked-to then you're going to find that your brilliant idea is essentially hidden from your target market. So, how can you make sure that your website ticks all the right boxes and is ready for the spotlight? A good start is to run your site through a number of website evaluation tools, so I've collected 7 of the best, free website evaluation tools that you can use to improve the quality of your website right now! Pingdom Full Page Test Pingdom offers a fantastic way to evaluate your website's speed, identify bottlenecks and measure performance in mere seconds. One of the best things about Pingdom's tool is that it also points out best practices and will tell you places where you can make low-effort, high-reward changes to your site, such as combining external JavaScript or minimizing redirects. Google Pagespeed Google Pagespeed works in a similar way to the Pingdom FPT, analyzing the site and breaking down areas where improvements can be made. Pagespeed also sorts the potential gains into High, Medium and Low priority groups so that you can focus on the most important areas first. Hubspot Marketing Grader Hubspot Market Grader brings a whole new level to website evaluation by actually grading the strengths and weaknesses of...

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