Google Translate has Invented the "Phrasebook" to make Relevant and Easier for their Visitors

We know it well how Google and its tools are have importance in our life. Every things either in business life or in personal life both have well matured reason to accept it because of Google Facilities. Google provide us lots of free and paid application to use in the business perspective or in private. Recently last week Google has launched the "Phrasebook" Facilities in Google Translate to make their users experience relevant and easier. Well it is not so far that as any one should not use it at daily basis or hourly. It has genuine reason to use it. Google translate makes your thought to understand the keywords and sentences meanings well. As you know that It supports all languages in world wide. You can access it in your own way and every where you are. With Google Translate, you can put hundred of keywords or sentences for translation, but the good thing is you may not need to remember or write the translation at the same time. You can save all translated keywords or phrases in your own "Phrasebook" Memory in just few steps. When ever you need to read your saved phrases, you can open your personalized phrasebook folder and can access it easily. How to use the Google Translate Phrasebook First you need to go on and then put the keywords which you want to translate as in your languages. The important things to understand there, there is no written indication to find out the Phrasebook. You will find blank box. So in that case there is two option to find out the...

Three Ways to Protect Your Content from Google’s Panda

Google has rolled out several algorithms that are designed to enhance the experience of the average internet user, and rank pages. Google and Panda are the strongest and most capable algorithms which have are constantly being enhanced. As a matter of fact, the fat Panda, which is focused on dealing with low quality and duplicate content, has been updated for over 25 times. In the meantime, the Penguin has also received a major update in 22 May 2013 which has taken the fight against spam to a whole new level. Sadly, Google’s engineers have confirmed that they will no longer be announcing updates, as they find them unnecessary. In their opinion, Panda and Penguin will be incorporated into their indexing processes, and webmasters should play by the rules, not prepare their weapons for the next algorithm refreshment. The question on many lips is, what do we do from here on out? According to the Guest Post Shop Blog, the best solution is to continue creating great content, may it be written, visual or audio. The only way to succeed in the online world is to be always on the lookout for the latest news, to read everything there is to read about search engine optimization tactics, and to come up with inventive ways to rank better on SERPs. Sleeping on the job will get you nowhere, so for all the content creators out there, here are three essential fixes that they should apply to their content pages. They will not only save you from being hit by Panda, but they might also increase your organic traffic and readership. 1....

The 250 Most Expensive Keywords

If you do Google Adwords advertising, this is a page you'll want to put on your bookmarks.  Markus Allen is tracking the 250 most expensive keywords on Google Adwords and updating the list each month. Click on the image below to see the full list.  I am floored by the Cost Per Click for some of these keywords. Do you think you could learn something about conversion from people who are spending over $100 per click to get people to their sites?  They have to have high converting landing pages or they'd work straight through their advertising budget in a day or two with nothing to show for it. Track down the advertisers without clicking their Adwords links though.  They are paying a pretty penny per click and you don't want to run up their bill....

Today's Friday Traffic Report Replay

Friday Traffic Report 8.3.2012 We hit all the hot buttons today: what to share and what not to share when your being social while also protecting and promoting your brand. Facebook woes of the week. Google+ continues positive growth and feedback. Twitter and Apple? Today's show sponsored by: Brick Road...

Content Development Secrets of the Comedy Market

For a few months, I've been tracking a well known content network and observing how the comedy markets were impacted by social media and vice versa. Comedy and content development have always gone together like church and marriage.  If you don't understand it, well ...  you're simply not dumb enough. This I tell you brother, you can't have one without the other Funny or die, anyone? The comedy business was always one where you live and die by your content. It's a tough business, almost like running a blog. "Funny" always does well in the blog markets. Humor opens the mind. Google and funny content will be married to each other until death do us part. Search  opens the mind as well. Every piece of content acquired by the author or or the audience gets there via an open mind. John Cleese on Humor "The main evolutionary significance about humor is that it gets us from the closed mind to the open mind quicker than anything else" And this is your clue as to why Jenna Marbles and various silly cats get millions of views and shares on the Internet. Dirty words from Laura Hancock ... the backbone of any content marketing schema is being able to share information with your peers and clientele." - Copywriting Tip: Play Dumb You and your schemas ... when will you learn? Scheming is not content development. No amount of information can be shared if those peers and clients are not open to receiving it. By the way, if you're American and didn't chuckle at the word Hancock, you're not listening. That word was half the...

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