All The Women In Social Media Universe In This One Post

You would think I was a feminist with this, that and the other post, featuring women in my posts. What can I say, I love the girls and getting the content is like shopping for bananas, crazy easy. Women in social media are dominating and I've curated the best information to date for women seeking women in social media. To start, it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Campaigns like these make women in social media so powerful Founder, CEO of FCancer @yael explains how her lady parts and "feminine" attributes helped her build a cancer community — Forbes Woman (@ForbesWoman) September 27, 2012 The other day, Yael turns to me (figuratively on Twitter), and just comes right out and says, "Touch some boobs!" What's a grown young man like me to do? Of course, I had to sign up and take the pledge to touch some boobs. And damnit, so should you. Women Worldwide Every Woman, Every Child, A United Nations Initiative "... an unprecedented global movement, spearheaded by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, to mobilize and intensify global action to improve the health of women and children around the world." Yea, the United Nations clearly sees something in being ahead of the women-in-mainstream wave. Unless ... now that the power's shifting ... the Secretary-General is actually being held against his will and Mrs. Secretary General is running the show. Hmm ... Boobs across Europe Miriam Freudenberg: Why 10,000 women support the Istanbul Convention www.humanrightseurope.org10/4/12 “The campaign heavily relied on networking and social media,” she says. “This convention is a landmark to end violence towards women. Women activists are very...

Social Media Marketing How To Handle The Day To Day Operations In Your Small Business

Running your own small business keeps you busy dealing with customers, your staff, your labor requirements, and let's not forget to mention the daily marketing requirements that come with marketing your business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. If you have ever marketed your business on any site such as Twitter or Facebook you know that there is time required not only for making a simple status update, there is also time required for networking, research, content development, follow up and follow through with prospects and leads as well. Not to mention that most courses for teaching social media marketing only teach you to find a social networking site, build out the profile completely, add a link to your website or blog and then rinse and repeat on another social site. The simple process of building profile after profile alone is painstaking especially when it's you the business's owner having to wear multiple hats can be a daunting task. Just imagine finishing a grueling days work and you are about to set off for the evening. You start packing up and cleaning your work station. Suddenly out of nowhere a though rattles your brain, the thought of “Oh no.” I still have to go do some link building and social network marketing before I am finished for the evening. It's no wonder so many starting newbie marketers fail. How many usernames, passwords, social media sites are you going to set up before you finally just throw in the towel? You went into business to free yourself from the ties were binding you, and now you have became...

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