Content Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses


Finding the right content marketing strategy for your small business always depends on what sort of business you run, but despite the enormous differences from one business to the next, there are some general rules which will help you to grow your business through content marketing no matter what sort of business you run. Hear What Your Target Audience Has to Say If your finger is not on the pulse, then it will come as no surprise when the content you produce is stale and uninteresting to … [Read more...]

Content Marketers, Small Businesses, How Are You Dealing With Obamacare?


Content marketers, the President, and the tax man are all on a collision course as governments try to dig in the pockets of the public to pay for unpopular debts and provisions. We ask, how is the small business community coping with the new America? Kari DePhillips of Content Factory interview on the Schiff Report Kari is no one special. She's a blogger and freelancer from humble beginnings, made some success, and is now a growing part of the new generation of digital small businesses. The … [Read more...]

Blog Success, Meet Triberr

There is a content marketing storm coming, Blog Success members. Big Blogs have dominated because they grabbed the attention of the machines, leaving smaller bloggers at the bottom. Not anymore. A league of shadows is preparing the way for a new culture of content marketing. Blog Success community + Triberr technology = the POWERFUL advantage Triberr is an emerging blog community that Blog Success can really benefit from working with. The founders are actively changing the way we distribute … [Read more...]

Content Development Secrets of the Comedy Market


For a few months, I've been tracking a well known content network and observing how the comedy markets were impacted by social media and vice versa. Comedy and content development have always gone together like church and marriage.  If you don't understand it, well ...  you're simply not dumb enough. This I tell you brother, you can't have one without the other Funny or die, anyone? The comedy business was always one where you live and die by your content. It's a tough business, almost like … [Read more...]

Naked Mom, Building Blogs And A Health Tip


If there's one thing I've learned, you can't go wrong with naked mom in the title ... am I wrong? I had a Vancouver web developer look at my stats last year. He chuckled when he saw the term brought in a big chunk of traffic. Fast forward to 2012 and she's still teaching me showing me the ropes in building blogs and improving health. Odd ... but true. Let's begin. Why is there Hemp in my smoothie? In case you didn't know, the Merchant is in a long term working contract with a … [Read more...]

Tie Your Content To Passion-Driven Topics


Do you ever sit and wonder how you're going to get people excited about your next blog post?  You might be thinking of doing a post on something that isn't, in and of itself, a terribly exciting topic for anyone other than the core readers of your blog. And even with your core readers, the wrong delivery might end up with a "meh" response from them. One way to create absolutely killer content on any topic is to tie it to something we all know people are generally very passionate … [Read more...]

Free Curation Guide: Curation Myths Busted!


Blog Success and CurationSoft have teamed up to release "Curation Myths Busted!" "Curation Myths Busted!" is free guide to Blog Success subscribers and includes the most prevalent myths surrounding curation.  We bust them one by one and then show readers how to curate properly for search engine rankings, social buzz, and links while saving an  immense amount of time over creating content all on your own. Download the guide here! … [Read more...]

Stage-Hopping Is The Quickest Way To Get Targeted Traffic On The Web

stage hopping

Your website can be seen as a stage where your content, products, or services perform.  It's a small stage compared to the biggest sites in your market, but it is the most important place for your online business to do business. Read again:  Your main site is the most important place on the web for doing business with your customers, readers, or clients. This is an important point that the vast majority of online content marketers get wrong.  We tend to focus on our home sites so much that … [Read more...]