Traffic Building Strategy: Content Marketing

Huge Traffic Building Strategy #2: Content Marketing These days it is not enough to have a pretty website with your services, an about page and a contact form. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website or blog it’s essential to be offering good, no …wait for it…great.... content. Content is king. There is so much noise and distraction in the online world, the only way you are going to grab attention and more importantly, hold attention is if you give people great “stuff” to watch, listen, do or read on your site. This might sound daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Really. We’ve got ways; Are you familiar with bounce rate? They come, they glance they go, ba-boing ba-boing! We are looking to avoid bounce rate, and these days, to do so, we need to be creative. I talked about 6 easy ways to get traffic to your blog or website in this video last year, so for those of you who would rather watch and listen, head on over here. Often times the content can be driven from off-site, like Facebook, or a great video ( or series) you produce on Youtube. With a link back to your site you’re gathering folks from the outside and drawing them in. Of course now your job is to keep them on your site, so how to do this? Creativity. Thinking outside of the box. Check out blender company’s series of video’s “Will It Blend?” In this video BlendTec’s CEO Tom Dickson attempts to blend an Apple iPad. In the past Tom has blended everything from marbles...

3 Logic behind why Adsense Is crucial Pertaining to Content Web sites

3 Logic behind why Adsense Is crucial Pertaining to Content Web sites To understand the reason why Adsense is vital for your information web-sites is always to realize 1st how this kind of performs. The style is absolutely simple, if you believe regarding it. The author or even the actual website owner inserts a new java set of scripts in to a selected website. Whenever the particular web site is utilized, the particular java piece of software will pull commercials on the Adsense software. Your advertisements that are precise really should therefore become related to the content that may be was comprised of on the internet site serving the actual offer. In case a visitor mouse clicks on an advertising, the website owner offering this ad makes some from the dollars that this advertiser is spending the particular search engine optimization with the press. The particular search results could be the one handling every one of the pursuing and obligations, supplying a great way intended for website owners to show content-sensitive in addition to targeted advertisements not having the problem for you to solicit marketers, accumulate cash, keep track of this clicks and also statistics which often is a time-consuming activity in itself. It appears that there is in no way any general shortage involving publishers in the plan from which the internet search engine drags the particular Adsense advertisings. Likewise web owners tend to be less concerned simply by the lack of data search engines are providing and they are additional targeted for making cash from these kind of yahoo and google. The first good reason that Adsense...

Content Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Finding the right content marketing strategy for your small business always depends on what sort of business you run, but despite the enormous differences from one business to the next, there are some general rules which will help you to grow your business through content marketing no matter what sort of business you run. Hear What Your Target Audience Has to Say If your finger is not on the pulse, then it will come as no surprise when the content you produce is stale and uninteresting to the people you should be appealing to. Use social networking site Twitter and keep an eye on Twitter trends to find out what people are talking about, and make sure that your content is reflecting the buzz that is affecting your market place. Hit Your Readers Between the Eyes If you are writing for the web, you have to focus on visuals. Short sharp sentences and vivid colors are going to grab more attention than a four page document with tiny print, so remember this when you are displaying your content. You will also find that the appropriate use of headings, sub headings, and simple sentences will result in better raking results, as search engines such as Google and Bing like pages to be presented in this manner. Create Backlinks A fundamental when it comes to content marketing strategy is to get people sharing your content, so that it reaches a wider audience. A great way to start this process off is to have as many backlinks as possible pointing to your content. There are many ways to generate backlinks. Firstly, you...

Content Marketers, Small Businesses, How Are You Dealing With Obamacare?

Content marketers, the President, and the tax man are all on a collision course as governments try to dig in the pockets of the public to pay for unpopular debts and provisions. We ask, how is the small business community coping with the new America? Kari DePhillips of Content Factory interview on the Schiff Report Kari is no one special. She's a blogger and freelancer from humble beginnings, made some success, and is now a growing part of the new generation of digital small businesses. The way she grows her business affects workers who want to make a living in New Media. Content marketing specialists also need to consider Obamacare costs and government regulations because the rest of the small to mid sized business community will be deciding how best to implement your talents into their business plans going into 2014. As the Merchant, I have some experience with the underground economy. I deal with a lot of people who cannot live properly in the current system. I know what you're thinking, but not many criminals. Small business, students, unemployed, there's so many innocent shades of grey. They suffer the trickle down effects of global money mismanagement. Every move I make is pretty hard to do, always conscious of costs and accountability to aggressive government regulations. And I'm just one guy. I can only imagine the web of worries employers have . I want to hear YOU It needs to be discussed at some point, so why not here? How is Obamacare and government regulations affecting your content marketing and/or small businesses in your community? Related articles What Obamacare Means...

Blog Success, Meet Triberr

There is a content marketing storm coming, Blog Success members. Big Blogs have dominated because they grabbed the attention of the machines, leaving smaller bloggers at the bottom. Not anymore. A league of shadows is preparing the way for a new culture of content marketing. Blog Success community + Triberr technology = the POWERFUL advantage Triberr is an emerging blog community that Blog Success can really benefit from working with. The founders are actively changing the way we distribute our WordPress content and engage people on the web. Join me on Triberr The time for content liberation has come. Our two communities were meant to meet on the next level of blogging. Big blogs will fall to the way side as we pursue our own business rather than court the favor of theirs. It's all part of the plan. The fire rises, Blog Success. Related articles How To Get More Out of Triberr Lowering Transaction Cost for Bloggers Blogger, Twitter,...

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