How Do Bloggers Get Content Automation Done Right?

Automation, tools and tech, rule social media markets. The game is "look what I can do faster, easier and cooler than you". Some people make money on it, some get nothing at all. Let's look inside some automation game play.     … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses


Finding the right content marketing strategy for your small business always depends on what sort of business you run, but despite the enormous differences from one business to the next, there are some general rules which will help you to grow your business through content marketing no matter what sort of business you run. Hear What Your Target Audience Has to Say If your finger is not on the pulse, then it will come as no surprise when the content you produce is stale and uninteresting to … [Read more...]

How To Hijack Curiosity And Get Backed By NASA


How does a blog or a small business go from good to great? Is it guest posting? Good PR? Proper monetization? They're great buzzwords but powerful ideas are where the real money's at. One powerful idea makes it all come together and even get the support of NASA or a big agency like them. Launching Curiosity Anyone who lives on their wits knows the first rule, you don't go from good to great unless you know what the shot is. The ambitious merchant eyeballs the market and says, what's my shot at … [Read more...]

Want more Followers? Three Topics You Should be Blogging About


As the astute, passionate bloggers we all are, we'd like to think we're the only writers out there talking about a particular topic, story, or trend. Yet – as I'm sure most of you probably already know – that is never the case. For every topic we choose to write about, there are thousands upon thousands of other bloggers already writing about that very same idea. It can be rather disheartening to realize that there is no such thing as originality when it comes to blogging, but do not despair; … [Read more...]

Content Development Secrets of the Comedy Market


For a few months, I've been tracking a well known content network and observing how the comedy markets were impacted by social media and vice versa. Comedy and content development have always gone together like church and marriage.  If you don't understand it, well ...  you're simply not dumb enough. This I tell you brother, you can't have one without the other Funny or die, anyone? The comedy business was always one where you live and die by your content. It's a tough business, almost like … [Read more...]

Sunday Link Roundup: Blogging Tips


Below are some great posts and resources I've found during my web travels this week.  Mostly on G+ where I have a lot of smart friends.  :) Here's a great article on things you can tweak on your site: "8 Ways To Improve Your Site This Weekend" Here's something special as well: "25 Ways To Create Contagious Content" How To Write The Perfect Marketing Blog Post Like this? Learn how to use psychology to get more traffic and sales with Social Triggers. … [Read more...]

3 Ways Of Playing In Traffic With Trends


Let's think about trends and creating traffic pulling content today. I pulled positive results playing around with trends, and they contributed to lasting effects. I curate a theme on my site. I have to find fresh content a couple times a week to determine what to blog about. So how do I approach it? I try to go where the people go Journalists asked a famous bank robber in the 20's "Why banks, Wille?" He said "that's where the money is". Do likewise. Go where the people go. As a … [Read more...]

Stop Snoring! Sleeping Tech Giants Waking Up, Address Content Issues


Smell that? It's the collective coffee that is our suffering in social media. Authenticity issues in content marketing are kinda like Occupy Wall Street drums in Zucotti Park. When enough people are beating them, the people who recognize the issues come crowding around the action. In content and marketing, the tech giants are starting to wake up to the smell of our great disconnect. Humoticons: Social Media Problems In Disguise We introduced the authenticity problem in a real case study in New … [Read more...]

How Not To Suck! (The Life Out Of Your Readers)


It seems like a lot of people like to approach blogging and content development from a completely clinical point of view.  As if there's a quantitative formula for what constitutes a quality, valuable piece of content. And to them I say, you're thinking too hard about this! It is drop-dead simple to figure out what a group of people wants and then give it to them.  We're on the freakin' internet.  We have myriad tools to discover what turns our readers on. Start with other popular blogs … [Read more...]

Rich People And Geniuses Need Blog Success Too, Ya Know


What do we mean by "exclusive" and "best" when it comes to training skilled content developers on Blog Success? While working with a software business project and listening to some comedy shows, the subject suddenly turned to social media. It hit me that there's some funny business in the awkward arena that is content marketing in the Big Apple. What I see with citywide content In Manhattan, it's about the glitz and the glam. You can infer "the low-down" by the businesses that open and close … [Read more...]