With Blogging, Consistency is King

We've all heard the adage "Content is King". And in a lot of ways it make sense. We live in a world that has a voracious appetite for content. Social Media needs constant content to keep people engaged. Google needs content to have something to analyze and rank in its search engine. Companies need content to attract new customers and to establish authority and trust with their visitors. That's a great argument for content's supremacy. But here's the counterpoint. Any single piece of … [Read more...]

Curation Continues to Grow and Evolve


Keeping up with the way people like to get information on the web is an important part of successful blogging.  We used to post huge, long articles on blogs.  People loved it.  That's when there were far fewer sources of good information than there are today. Now, with a crowded information market, the biggest task for any information seeker is finding the best of the best.  Quickly.  And that's a different type of "service" that bloggers can provide their readers.  Rather than always coming … [Read more...]