WordPress Spring and Re-Theme Change

A good wordpress theme can take a business a LONG way online. It's a standard now that design and business go together. There's going to the deli for your coffee in a paper cup, and then there's boutique $10 hipster coffery. I hate that example, but you get the point. And in the last 30 days or so, Re-Theme Change has been in the air. I wondered ... How do you find your theme? You should try to identify your theme before you ever start looking for a WordPress theme.  It's a healthy exercise that impacts your blog at some point. It's like having a sense of fashion. Who you are eventually informs what you wear. On the other hand, businesses are likely to change up their image more often than ever. In a sense I always had a theme I was never going to be a Tedster. I'm not the guy you pay much attention to. I'm not the guru in 1970's California you sit for hours and hang on every word. I'm not a bald man with all the right ideas. Or the college boy with a funny hairdo. No, the Merchant is the fruit of American labor, the vivid thoughts of an urban treasure hunter, the content of a certain capitalist attitude. What I post is merely charged ions cascading around the internet. My posts on business are too abstract for a typical wordpress theme, but enough to connect a few minds and bend the web my way. I used to use Twenty Ten As simple as it was, it was still too much. So I delved into geeky world...

"Shortcodes" To Owning Popular Sites Like Blog Success

There was a new sheriff in town (for about 3 1/2 minutes). His name was The Merchant and for a brief time in Blog Success history, he was it's glorious owner. Shortcodes do nifty things with little effort on WordPress blogs. Well, here's how I shot to the top of this pro blogging site the same way. Let's get "mindset" out of the way I'm not your typical "make money" blogger. I don't promote every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there, my mother raised me better than that. Instead I sail the seas of commerce, keeping a weather eye out for certain golden opportunities.  Most people like to float around, but I suggest riding the trade winds directly into the storm. Then, blog like the wind When you do find your bearing or the market you want to hang around, find a spot to produce some content. My site's for more abstract posts alluding to my quirky business mind. Luckily, I had Blog Success and have been dropping posts on blogging and social media news for at least three months. In this position, I'm better suited to hit up other pro blogging companies. And ... whaddaya know, I found one This particular company, Triberr has less emphasis on raising professional content creators, and more on connectedness and distribution of the content that's out there. It was a no brainer, a perfect complement to the membership here. Let the trading begin I started to participate in this other community, testing out all the cool WordPress apps, figuring out the kinks. I linked back and forth with my guest posts. Good thing...

The Secret Message: Go With Plan B

As I go through this public rebranding for my business and professional identity, I find myself the recipient of Secret Messages. These Secret Messages tend to pop up in various and random ways, sometimes via Eddie Vedder, sometimes in the form of amazingly smart children. They are the ingredients to this rebranding Stone Soup I have cooking up. Keep adding stuff in, and I guarantee you it's going to be a tasty treat once it's done. This week's Secret Message is "Go With Plan B" Last week I had VIP tickets to see The Ellen DeGeneres Show. First of all, it's not THAT easy to get tickets let alone rock star tickets like I had. I'd been looking forward to this day for months. Months. Months! My peeps on Facebook saw me posting about it, my family knew, all my friends were seething with envious joy. I was all about dancing in the aisles, hoping to score some nice swag, see some celebs up close, play hooky from the office on a Thursday. Yes! The night before, however, showed signs that things might go a bit differently than planned. My body started to ache, the room spun, and my stomach felt like it was on a trampoline. Ruh-roh. The next day, I couldn't get my head off the pillow. There was no way I could drive to and from LA in traffic and make it back alive. I slept til 1:30, then spent the rest of the day in a semi-comatose state watching Season 1 of Downton Abby on Netflix. Me, the iPad, saltine crackers, warm tea, and British...

Your Personal Brand Might Be Right Under Your Nose- or from Eddie Vedder

In this public tweaking of my personal brand, I've found that little messages are popping up in unexpected places JUST FOR ME. Yes, perhaps there's a woo-woo element here or perhaps an elaborate conspiracy a la Davinci Code, but everywhere I turn there seems to be a message related to this personal branding - rebranding process. I wouldn't have teamed up Eddie Vedder, Rascal Flats, and St. Francis as the squad to deliver me insights into branding and where I need to go for answers, but for whatever reason they all spoke to me last week. Here's an impromptu video connecting the dots around creativity, digging deeper and even...

Online Marketing Rebrand: Watch It As It Happens

Since 2003, I've used online marketing to sell my services as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs wanting to position themselves as sought after, recognized experts in their fields. It's a great business, it's profitable, and I've created a name for myself in online marketing. But... one day last fall I had this FEELING. Something was amiss. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but for some reason my business didn't excite me in the way it used to. I got on the phone with my friend Andy, who for all intensive purposes can be called an intuitive business genius, and she nailed it. “You’re not having fun in your business. I can tell. Maybe others can’t tell, but I can tell. What are you going to do about that?” Andy has known me since the horse and buggy days of my online marketing life, so her honest feedback was well received. “I’m not having fun? Sure I am…” (first response: DENIAL) “No, you’re not”, she replied. “How can you tell?” (second response: FIND A WAY OUT- DISCREDIT THE SOURCE!) “I can tell”, she answered. And she really didn’t need to say any more. She nailed it. I wasn’t having fun and rightly so. It was at that moment that I realized I needed to change something in my business. My personal life was going through HUGE changes at this time. My marriage had broken up after many years of challenges. I moved. I reconnected with someone from my past. I rebooted my life with a newfound enthusiasm. I was working out after many years of adrenal exhaustion. And yet, with all these personal changes I put...

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