With Blogging, Consistency is King

We've all heard the adage "Content is King". And in a lot of ways it make sense. We live in a world that has a voracious appetite for content. Social Media needs constant content to keep people engaged. Google needs content to have something to analyze and rank in its search engine. Companies need content to attract new customers and to establish authority and trust with their visitors. That's a great argument for content's supremacy. But here's the counterpoint. Any single piece of content, while important, will eventually fade away with time. Consistent content is key. Regular, predictable content is what helps Google, will drive repeat visitors and will keep you visible on social media. Too many companies, solopreneurs or hobbyists lose the battle with consistency and lose all of the benefits that come with content production. How to Blog Consistently Here are 6 ways to improve your consistency and gain the business benefits of producing regular blog content: 1) Keep To A Schedule Set a realistic schedule and keep to it. Don't set an idealistic schedule that will demotivate you (e.g. twice/week, once/week). In a company, have someone on point to make sure the schedule is followed. 2) Use Content Curation Techniques In addition to original content, share some of the amazing content available out there by curating great content. Curationsoft is one tool to help you find recent blog posts, videos or pictures by keyword and insert them into your post. 3) Use Blog Writing Formulas How-to posts and list posts are consistently strong post types that resonate with readers and get lots of shares in social...

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