With Blogging, Consistency is King

We've all heard the adage "Content is King". And in a lot of ways it make sense. We live in a world that has a voracious appetite for content. Social Media needs constant content to keep people engaged. Google needs content to have something to analyze and rank in its search engine. Companies need content to attract new customers and to establish authority and trust with their visitors. That's a great argument for content's supremacy. But here's the counterpoint. Any single piece of … [Read more...]

Writing Quick, Attention-Grabbing Blog Posts

Time is money. And sanity (or lack thereof).  We have to create content that does the job of turning on visitors to take positive actions like subscribing, clicking, or spreading the word about our sites on social media. Knowing this and doing a good job at it are two different things when there's only so much time in the day.  Here are some great pieces on writing blogs posts that get the job done for your readers (and the engines). Note that I think a lot of ProBlogger.net and … [Read more...]