How to Blog Anywhere, Anytime

There’s a big world out there (no, not online – the other one). If we’re spending all our time at a desk we’re missing out on the very experiences that can catapult our writing into new realms of wonderfulness. Experiences make us richer writers, and the best bloggers are looking for ways to get out there and bring the blogging with them. This article can help. Are You Managing One Blog or Many? Before looking for the right solutions, you have to carefully define the problems. Bloggers posting to multiple blogs have different options than those who only need to post to one. If you’re a single blog person, the apps developed by your own blogging platform are likely to be your best bet. Look for WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal apps. Most of the mobile versions work very much like the desktop versions, Live Journal and Tumblr in particular. Bloggers keeping up with many blogs on the go need more powerful apps, such as CellSpin. This free app allows you to post to WordPress as well as LinkedIn, Blogger, Live Journal and also give you the option to email the post simultaneously. It can replace several apps, freeing up memory in the mobile device and making posting quicker and more convenient. Bloggers who only want to share with a few people also have mobile options. Posterous Spaces lets you manage Spaces, which work a lot like Tumblr’s Tumblelogs. You can upload a photo or an entire group of photos and share videos or just a text post. Users can create one Space or many and create groups so...

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