Next Step for Inbound Marketing: Amazon SEO?

According to Hitwise, in August of 2012, 11.3 billion searches were conducted in Google. This is a massive number to be sure, but it is a drop of 200 million compared with August of last year. Nor was this unique to Google. The entire search engine industry saw a drop in use. But that's not all. According to Forrester research in July, 30 percent of online buyers start researching their product purchases on Amazon, while only 13 percent start on a search engine like Google or Bing. No wonder Google is pushing Google Shopping so hard, and Amazon is refusing to buy in. As far as visibility goes, Google sites still sit at the top of the ComScore list, with 187,000 unique visitors out of the total 220,273 surveyed. But Amazon isn't far behind with 103,864 visitors, who clearly have more commercial motives in mind. With Google Shopping and AdWords pushing organic results below the fold, high competition, and broad awareness of how to “game” Google, is it time to start thinking a bit more about the direction of this industry? Is it time to start thinking about SEO for Amazon? Optimizing for Amazon There is virtually no information about how the Amazon search engine works available online, so a lot of testing is going to be necessary. Amazon does allow you to include your own search terms: 5 lines, each of them 50 characters. It would be wise to pull in some popular keywords from the AdWords Keyword tool and insert them here. Do a search on Amazon and to see how good the relevance is and what...

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