Spice Up Your Blog With Pinterest

If you manage a niche blog and you want to increase traffic to your website, you are likely aware of the importance of developing and implementing an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign. A strong SEO campaign encompasses a targeted keyword research effort and link building.

You can use freely available tools such as Google AdWords to compile a list of relevant keywords pertaining to your blog's niche. These keywords should be in high demand, meaning that they have a large number of monthly searches, but face low levels of competition.

To keep things simple for now, you should sprinkle these keywords throughout your blog in order for your site to rank high in search engine rankings. This will increase the level of organic traffic to your blog.

Link building involves placing links to your blog on external websites.  Typically, a strong link building campaign centers on contacting the webmasters of authoritative blogs in the same general niche and requesting permission to submit a guest post. Let's say you manage a blog that offers home decor ideas, for example.

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You should contact the webmasters of well-established blogs in the same general niche. Link building really is a process that involves patience and cooperation. These blogs could use free, high-quality content and webmasters will generally allow you to place at least one link back to your website. This helps bolster the traffic to your website in two ways.

First, Google rewards high quality backlinks with higher search engine rankings, which again increases the level of organic traffic to your site. Additionally, your blog will enjoy greater traffic that is highly targeted as a result of the links placed on the guest posts you submit.

These are the nuts and bolts of a strong SEO campaign. It is also vitally important that your blog uses social media for marketing and promotional purposes. One extraordinary tool you must take advantage of to really spice up your blog is Pinterest, the fastest growing website in history, according to Fortune magazine. TechCrunch reported that Pinterest became the fastest standalone website in the U.S. to hit 10 million monthly unique visitors.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual photo-sharing tool that allows users to "pin" or "re-pin" images to their customized digital pinboards. These boards can be organized by various categories, which may include beauty, health and exotic foods, for example. Pinterest users, or "pinners" as they are called, can pin images on their own or re-pin images from other users. Pinterest really has succeeded in creating a virtual community atmosphere since it allows users to follow and connect with other users. Pinners can engage in a dialogue by leaving comments on various images.

So, how can you tap into Pinterest to allow your blog to reach a massive global audience? Let's take a look. Read on, curious blogger...

Explore Your Niche and Create Dazzling Pins

You must really analyze your niche to determine how you can utilize Pinterest for marketing and promotional purposes. The most common content themes that can currently be observed on Pinterest include recipes, beauty, fashion, health, fitness, home decor, arts and crafts, frugal living and inspirational items. 80 percent of Pinterest users are currently female.

Can your niche thrive on Pinterest?

If you manage a blog in the healthy eating and lifestyle niche, for example, you can absolutely tap into this photo-sharing tool. You can create a profile for your blog and design your own customized pinboards. You should create visually appealing pins pertaining to your niche that you can showcase on your boards. This will capture the attention of other pinners.

Let's Get Popular

To succeed on Pinterest, you must follow and connect with other Pinterest users who are passionate about the niche you are promoting. This social networking tool really is awesome and convenient in that it will suggest other users who share similar interests and tastes as you that you can follow. Let's say you manage a blog in the frugal living niche. You can connect with other users who are interested in adopting a more frugal lifestyle. As you can understand, these are the users you want to be targeting. As long as your pinboards feature useful money-saving ideas, you can really increase the level of highly targeted traffic to your website.

"Pin-It" Button Time

Once your blog develops a respectable presence and following on Pinterest, you should add "Pin-It" buttons to your website. This will conveniently allow Pinterest users who visit your website to pin images found on your blog back to their pinboards. This nifty button will begin to work for itself in no time. It also works as a sort of link building tool in the sense that it will help get your brand out there as much as possible on Pinterest.

Pinterest is extraordinarily popular and the hottest website on the Internet these days. You should seriously considering tapping into the explosive potential of Pinterest by incorporating the social networking site within your marketing and promotional strategy.

Rachael Price is an avid "pinner" and social media manager for Baby Changing Station.com. Rachael uses Pinterest to unwind after a stressful by exploring new recipe ideas. She also uses Pinterest to market and promote blogs and eBusinesses for her clients.


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