Seesmic Done F****d Up!

Loic Le Meur, Seesmic CEOSeesmic, oh microblogging client, where do we being? I've never been a die hard fan of too many products. But when it came to easily passing time during the work day, keeping up with other merchants and artists I identify with, and connecting with one very beautiful Love Chica, Seesmic was my wing man.

Those Frenchmen screwed it up Big Business style and now a whole segment of the Internet is mad. And it happens to be the only segment that likes Seesmic.

If I could create an infographic for you, you would see a big slice of a pie graph with an angry emoticon punching a baby.

The Story Goes

The company has been pivoting in different directions hoping to evolve into something cool and profitable. They acquired, they fired some folks, they switched focus, they gave everyone the ol' "we're going to better places" speech. Soon after, fans busted down the blog comment doors to unleash hell and negative feedback.

The Outrage

I guess the only question is, what the hell is wrong with Loic Le Muer? Seriously, is he alright? There he is in this picture, running happily to the finish line. And yet it would seem, to his core fans and users, that he's about to fall on his face.

Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A:


tweeting from the Tweetdeck web platform cuz Seesmic web made unecessary changes.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 9:39:05 AM


Changes to Seesmic suck big time. Now unusable via the web & nearly unusable on Android. Missing loads of posts 2. Back to hootsuite?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 7:53:09 AM


.@jjprojects the angry comments re. Seesmic's pricing are telling. -> and Seesmic Ping Changes|

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 6:50:02 AM


Tube completely useless this morning and now Seesmic has completely changes its product offering over night... #rage

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 6:44:34 AM

The Response

seesmic icon“I’m just doing my best… and you can blame it all on me. It’s all my fault.” - Loic Le Muer


Well, "Oui Oui" dude. You only have 15 people now, it ain't the intern's fault. It makes you wonder, though, where is this going? I respect Loic Le Muer as a CEO for not being at a complete loss of spirit. That he declares he wont give up. But to what point and purpose?

Unless he makes a comeback pivot toward his enthusiastic fans and away from this latest evolution, I see Seesmic as dying a grey old app thingy everyone used to like but now only some people pay for.

The Solution?

That's where you come in, oh interweb of  baby geniuses and bloggers. Spread the word and bring your suggestions to this post or on Google Plus. How do you respond to these new changes with Seesmic?

More importantly, I need to get back to casually tweeting with beautiful women and other merchants. Or what some of you people (mistakenly) like to call "branding"

Now that Seesmic is off the shelf for best free Twitter and microblogging client, what's the next best thing?

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