Rich People And Geniuses Need Blog Success Too, Ya Know

What do we mean by "exclusive" and "best" when it comes to training skilled content developers on Blog Success? While working with a software business project and listening to some comedy shows, the subject suddenly turned to social media. It hit me that there's some funny business in the awkward arena that is content marketing in the Big Apple.

What I see with citywide content

In Manhattan, it's about the glitz and the glam. You can infer "the low-down" by the businesses that open and close and by the housing that gets bought up or abandoned. With a merchant's eye, you watch trends and follow the money as they spread through the 5 boroughs.

Behind the glitz and glam, what people really love about New York City, is the authenticity of the culture. Right now, everyone's trying to reach at it in a big way. This is partly due to the glitz and the glam, that when it gets out of hand, makes the City awkward for the better part of 8 million people to live in.

With each passing generation, authenticity in the culture is always up for grabs. It's a money making feature of society. Some would say it's the only one. I'm sure in towns near you, there's a lack of something special that makes buying worth the time and effort, right?

As Offline, So Offline

Maybe it's a mixed bag of unemployment, lack of opportunities, redundant products and services .... in a word, stalemate. That's a sort of macro view of what's going on but you see it online, I'm sure. What happens online is just a funky extension of what we do offline, and vice versa. Let me put it in context.

Count the brands and trends popping in and out the headlines on the web, left and right. Who's moving in? Who's moving out? Behind that, the whole social media system is on a virtual search for authenticity, isn't it. Is there not a lack of quality content that makes logging on to sites, worth logging on?

We hit the stalemate in social media so hard and so fast, nobody really saw it coming. People uncovered the authenticity problem in record time. Bullshit also appeared in record loads. Thus, for ever stupid cat video you saw on Youtube, serious authenticity problems popped up in the content of entire governments.

Why did we go around the content marketing world in 80 seconds?

Because without all that for a preface, you will not understand the value of these 3 very short stories of consulting local businesses about social media. I spent some time marketing my training to all kinds of people in the last year. I didn't really retain any lessons until now.

1st story, an online social sports and recreation start up on Park Avenue. Why's that special? Let's just say, if someone lost their wallet on Park Ave. stocks might take a dip the following day. That's how much money is on Park Ave. (Twitter is on Madison Ave. just down the block, by the way)

Lo and behold, the project is founded by a very rich and very French celebrity chef. Not sure if I can name names, but I can say he worked with one Anthony Bourdain in his executive chef days.

content marketing, online business, people ignore me"Frenchy's "content manager" ran very quickly through his start up's goals and visions. He wanted to start me off on a some REALLY simple content entry. I mentioned Blog Success for my credentials. I heard crickets."

This college educated manager, hired by an international entreprenuer, with a business neighboring Twitter, never heard of Jack and spaced out on my words about about curation, market research, or how long I've been at Blog Success.

2nd story, same kind of deal with 2 jerkoffs in Midtown who wanted nothing to do with me, except slave labor. This one I'm not afraid to call out. They dealt illegally and I let'em off the hook easy. They run an inauthentic venture capital sucker called City Maps. As far a I'm concerned, I legally own entire sections of it. Bad blood aside, they still lacked the eye for the value of skilled developers as a start up.

3rd story, lovely and smart people this time, although clueless on content marketing. Just a handful of engineers, entreprenuers, and models. Their sites don't run on WordPress, they have little to no idea how to shop for consulting professionals, and have little time to develop their social media marketing the way I know it can be developed. It's not a judgement, just their state of affairs I find happening all the time.

In search of a bottom line

"Am I really the insider here?", I began to think. This content marketing thing seems like such a minute issue for such smart and well endowed professionals. There's  major tech industry integration going on in this city. How was this possible and why is it so hard to get in good with these people? That's the glitz and glam, for ya.

The truth is there's a lack of authenticity and the markets for quality content are very fragmented. Fairly wealthy, educated professionals in pretty hot markets, as crowded as New York City is, aren't getting the access or visibility they could be profiting from because they're just not clued in.

You see it offline, online, on the streets and on our computer screens. It's only a shocker when you see it for yourself and it was interesting to experience that first hand. It's plain fact. What do we mean by "exclusive" and "best" when it comes to training at Blog Success? Even when it's published in plain view, many people just don't know content marketing the way it's specially taught on this site.

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