Quality Guest Blogging Sites – The Pretty Big List for 2012

Bending The Web, by Jack Humphrey

Guest blogging is a killer web-bending tactic!

We’ll keep building on the list below, but if you’d like to have a site added to the list, please comment and let us know about a great site we’ve missed!

The top quality guest blogging sites on the list are established.  We aren’t interested, for the purposes of this list, in including brand new guest posting sites.  In many cases the links below go straight to the guest blogging applications or guidelines pages of the sites.  But don’t submit guest post applications or content without getting to know the sites on which you are interested in being published.

The good sites are good because they are pickier than the bad guest blogging sites.  Finally, we aren’t listing pagerank or Alexa stats for these sites because we’ve already vetted them for you.  If you want to get in front of an audience that would be perfect for your content, anything on this list is an excellent candidate for your consideration.

Although they each have different guidelines for applying and writing for them, no site on the list below is interested in low-quality content created for the links alone.  It would be a colossal waste of time to try and “sneak” past the editors of any of these sites with a poor-quality article.

Guest Blog Sites About Blogging, Marketing, Social Media, Entrepreneurs.

  1. Blog Success
  2. Copy Blogger
  3. Successful and Outstanding Bloggers (Liz Strauss)
  4. Social Media Examiner
  5. Business2Community (also Tech, Lifestyle, and News categories)
  6. Geek Business
  7. Men With Pens
  8. Blog Engage
  9. Basic Blog Tips
  10. Hot Blog Tips
  11. Affiliate Marketing Guides
  12. Blogging 24
  13. iBlog Zone
  14. Famous Bloggers
  15. One-Woman Marketing
  16. Blog Godown
  17. Quick Online Tips
  18. Kiolani
  19. Traffic Generation Cafe


  1. Fried Beef’s Tech
  2. Right Now In Tech
  3. Regular Geek

General Topics

  1. Technorati.com
  2. About.com


  1. Small Business Trends

Real Estate

  1. Bigger Pockets

Health Care / Financial

  1. MtHerald
  2. Everyday EMS Tips (EMTs, Paramedics, Students, and EMS Professionals)

Energy / Environment

  1. Fresh Energy

Resources for Guest Bloggers

  1. BloggerLinkUp.com is a very active place to find guest blogging opportunities.
  2. This is a large hub for guest bloggers to network and find new sites to guest post.  It is free to join.
  3. Blog Engage is also a large hub for guest bloggers.

Do you know of a guest blogging site that deserves to be on this list?  Leave it in the comments below and we’ll check it out!  (No new sites please.  Only established, quality sites.)


  1. Thanks Jack for including my site, MT Herald. I'm finding it tough these days tackling spun content while accepting guest posts. They pass all tests including Copyscape. It has become a herculean task to separate wheat from the chaff. Guest bloggers are purely link eyed and are less bothered about the content they submit, their usefulness to the readers. Ultimately it is quality that matters.

    You have done a good job handpicking good sites.

  2. Thanks James, we will add that place to the above list too.

    • New title: Jack Humphrey, C.O.C.S. (Curator of Cool Stuff/Sh*t, whichever word strikes your fancy)

  3. Great resource for bloggers! Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

  4. Thanks everyone. Now, when can I expect your guest posts on BlogSuccess.com? :)

  5. Good list Jack, guess I'll have to submit something to you soon!

  6. … I just figured out I can post as a Page. I may be a doof, but when I guest blog, people almost forget that :)

  7. Thanks for adding Basic Blog Tips to the list! I appreciate it Jack.

    • Sweet!

  8. Jack Where is My Site? ;).
    BTW thanks for sharing the list.
    – Amit Shaw from iTechCode.

  9. Today Guest blogging has been become an important part of SEO. This is a very effective and ethical way to generate valuable back links to the site. Even search engines like Google is giving more priories to the guest blogging for natural link building. Thanks for providing the list of these informative tools.

  10. Great list. Would love to see BlogPreneurs & Blokube added to the list.

  11. Thanks Jack for adding my blog in your guest blogging site list. I really appreciate it.

  12. Super useful Jack! If anyone is looking to post quality content about mortgages/home loans then check out http://homemortgage.org.

  13. I know sixpackabsv.com and diabeticdietresources.com take guest blogs.

  14. That is a great list. Blogsynergy.com is also great for guest blogging purposes

  15. Thanks for adding Basic Blog Tips.

  16. Can you add some more blogs on Finance?

  17. All the contents you defined in post is too good and can be very helpful. I will keep it in mind, thanks for sharing the information keep replacing, looking forward for more posts.

  18. This is awesome list, thanks a lot!

  19. Jack your blog tips and list of blog site is awesome!

  20. These websites are really nice as i am already using some of them and getting good response from these sites in terms of visitors as well as better rankings in google serp. thanks for the share.



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