A Peek Into Great Online Marketing Tools

The Internet offers a wide variety of tools and techniques which can be utilized in promoting your products. It is no longer an option to ignore the potency of these tools. As at 2012, 34% of the world population had access to the Internet. Internet usage is no longer confined to the younger people as older people are getting more and more familiar with the Internet by setting up social media accounts and googling information. The following are some of the promotion tools at your disposal thanks to the Internet:-

Social Media

Chances are a huge majority of your target market is using social media. Human beings treasure making connections with other human beings based on values and interests. The giant social media site; Facebook had 1.1 billion users as at 1 August 2013. Other popular social media sites include Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Instagram, LinkedIn, iTunes, Flickr and Line. All these sites have their own unique features which in turn attract different kinds of people. If you are in a professional service line such as law and accountancy you are better of using LinkedIn to connect with clients as opposed to Twitter. If you are in a product oriented business on the other hand you should opt for Facebook. Your presence has to be felt in more than one social media site if you are to secure a competitive advantage in today’s world.


Blogging is no longer just about search engine optimization and boosting your business listed at www.advertising9.com ; it is about connecting with your customers and clients. It is therefore important for your blogs to be relevant, informative and engaging. Popular blogging sites include blogger.com, wordpress.com, Xanga.com, and Typead.com. The beauty in blogging is that you can get really great bloggers to do the dirty work on your behalf. Great bloggers can be found in sites such as Elance, Freelancer and oDesk. You can also opt to post a guest blog in the blog sites that are already well established. If you haven’t started blogging you need to start doing so soonest possible.


Podcasting in the realm of promotion refers to the use of digital media files such as audio files, video files, PDF files and ePub files to disseminate information about products. Podcasting has an edge over other Internet promotion tools since it literally give a voice to your message. Podcasting allows for creativity and innovation. There are various apps for creating podcasts which can be used in smart phone platforms as well as web based platforms.

E Mail Advertising

The use of emails to advertise is perhaps the oldest tool of internet advertising. It has sparked a lot of controversies along the way especially due to the fact that most people value their privacy. E mails used for advertising have been termed as spam and even blacklisted by email providers such as Google and Yahoo! E mail advertising is an electronic form of direct mail. This means that the intended message is very likely to reach the target customers in a manner promised by www.advertising9.com . Because of this promise of a high return on investment, e mail advertising is here to stay. To reap the benefits of email advertising, you need to design email copies which evoke positive emotional responses.

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