How to put Google out of online search business

Google - online search business

Google - online search business


Seriously, you can put Google out of the online search business!

You only need to do two things:

  1. Find an alternative to keywords
  2. Do this before Google finds the alternative

And yes, if you can do it, then you also have to be able to say “no” to the billion dollars that Google will offer you in exchange for the idea.

There, you have it now.


Here’s just how deep-rooted the keyword is:

  1. All of Google’s search databases (well, database clusters, really) are indexed based on keywords.
  2. Each keyword has a CPC or cost-per-click assigned to it. The online search industry is based on “cost” of a specific keyword.
  3. The whole ad auction that happens in parallel when someone performs a search online is based on keywords
  4. Site linking, anchor-text, page rank and SEO are all based on keywords.


And yes, I must mention that the investment for one database cluster is almost $500 million. This is from 2009, and at the time Google had around 20 clusters located worldwide (just so they could bring you search results online very very quickly).

Microsoft tried to compete with Google, but gave up after building 2 clusters or so.

Source: HBS case, “Microsoft’s Search”

So go ahead, and find out how to REPLACE the keyword, and Google will be very interested in your idea! You will disrupt the online search business!


If the keyword is IMPORTANT to Google, it is even MORE IMPORTANT to your online business.


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