Online Marketing Rebrand: Watch It As It Happens

Since 2003, I've used online marketing to sell my services as a consultant and coach to entrepreneurs wanting to position themselves as sought after, recognized experts in their fields.

It's a great business, it's profitable, and I've created a name for myself in online marketing.

But... one day last fall I had this FEELING. Something was amiss. I couldn't quite pinpoint it, but for some reason my business didn't excite me in the way it used to.

I got on the phone with my friend Andy, who for all intensive purposes can be called an intuitive business genius, and she nailed it.

“You’re not having fun in your business. I can tell. Maybe others can’t tell, but I can tell. What are you going to do about that?”

Andy has known me since the horse and buggy days of my online marketing life, so her honest feedback was well received.

“I’m not having fun? Sure I am…” (first response: DENIAL)

“No, you’re not”, she replied.

“How can you tell?” (second response: FIND A WAY OUT- DISCREDIT THE SOURCE!)

“I can tell”, she answered. And she really didn’t need to say any more. She nailed it. I wasn’t having fun and rightly so.

It was at that moment that I realized I needed to change something in my business.

  • My personal life was going through HUGE changes at this time.
  • My marriage had broken up after many years of challenges.
  • I moved.
  • I reconnected with someone from my past.
  • I rebooted my life with a newfound enthusiasm.
  • I was working out after many years of adrenal exhaustion.

And yet, with all these personal changes I put my business on autopilot.

Andy saw that and very courageously called me out on it. But what would I do about it?

So right there and then, I made the decision…it's time to rebrand.

Back in the old days, a rebrand for me was as easy as changing my nail polish color. It all came very easily.

But this one is in no rush to reveal itself.

So I decided to publicly document the process of my rebrand. Not because I'm some reality TV wannabe or need the world to witness my every move, but because through this process we're ALL going to learn something. And so far, this has been a smart move.

My first mention of this on my Viva Visibility Blog attracted comments from others who also felt brand blase. I got a few shout outs on Twitter from people also questioning if their brand still fit them or not. Is there something in the air? Mayan calendar? Springtime? I can't say.

Maybe you feel safer keeping your business changes to yourself. I wish I could be there with you, but I've been called (from more than just the voice within) to go through this in the fish bowl and I invite you to watch and hopefully learn. Or be entertained. Or be grateful it's not you.

My pal Jack Humphrey here at Blog Success lured me to this blog to let you all take a look-see... pop up some popcorn, grab a drink and let the rebrand begin!


  1. Thanks Nancy! For letting us peer into your rebranding process, and for letting it all unfold here at Blog Success!

    • Jack, I'm trusting on your survival skills in case I get lost in the Amazon…k? :-)

    • Nancy Marmolejo First, try not to be eaten. We'll go from there.

  2. This is pretty damn exciting. How can I not support and show love? All these years, and STILL, within a click, I can head "around the block" and see what tia Nancy's up to.

    I gotta say, it never ever added up (in the back of my mind) that during this whole time of catching up and dropping by the blog… things looked the same. I was almost certain you had something going on… but for whatever reason, I was not to know.

    I think these phenomenons point back to the role authenticity has in social media. I'm even finding myself compelled to write about it in my posts here, across different subjects.

    I'm very interested in how this develops for you on a personal and professional level. Maybe even develop with you as well :)

    • Hey Merchant Chris!
      I've been coy and stealth-like with the percolating of a rebrand, letting little hints out here and there. After I told Jack how I was doing this on a Tumblr blog, he said (and I quote) "Screw Tumblr! Bring it over to Blog Success!"

      Nothing like a fishbowl to do your changes in… but I'm ready. It's exciting and already people have started popping out of the woodwork saying they've been thinking of this too.

      Stay tuned… the saga continues!

  3. Great post. I too realized a short while ago that I was not sure if I still wanted to go in the direction that I was heading. I was not sure if I was feeling the doldrums because my mother had passed a few months ago and this was and still is a tough thing to deal with or if I just was not as excited as I used to be with my business. Don't get me wrong, I love the virtual business and think there is great opportunity out there for the ones that want to grab the bull by the horn but do not be surprised that after a few years of learning and being exposed to all the opportunities out there are that you don't change your mind and head in a totally different direction.

    I am in the process of the rebranding right now. I find one of the most important steps is to remember to rebrand yourself everywhere that you are listed (LinkedIn, Facebook, Craigslist etc.). I do not want people to be confused and see me as one thing on one site and then a totally different one on another.

    This is a very exciting but scary process. All I can say is don't second guess yourself. Go with your gut feeling and remember that everything is a learning process and as long as you are open-minded enough to learn then there can be no stopping you.

  4. OMG – I feel as if I wrote that post as I also lost passion for my business and have been working on a rebrand. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Barbara, glad you found support here! I've started working with Lizabeth Phelps and she's got an amazing method for branding that's really getting to the heart of things. I suggest you chat with her, it's very cool

  5. Interesting. I'm glad you're sharing. With the skin you're shedding in your personal life, I'm not surprised you need to shed some skin in your business – like the snake does when it grows (hope you're not afraid of the word "snake." I'm rebranding too now that I'm free-tired and have the time to do what I want! Good luck!

    • I like snakes! Thanks for the great metaphor. Change is happening… just rolling with it. :-)


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