Lotus NSF for Microsoft Outlook PST-A Wise Idea with Best Conversion Suite

You are a business person and using Lotus Notes application for conducting communication within your circle. Because you are going through annoying phase with Notes, you have decided to move onto effective and easy-to-use emailing client like MS Outlook. You wanted to know what to use for Lotus Notes access for Microsoft Outlook.

Most Lotus Notes users have same situation, Lotus Notes emailing client is a great and wonderful email platform with numerous useful features then also people prefer using Outlook platform which is a trusted mail application. Outlook provides good and vast range of aspects besides emailing.

Comparison between Lotus Notes and Outlook: When deeply both the email applications are studied, it is found that both have plenty of points of differences than similarities. Given below are the points which show that Outlook is better for you:

  • In a professional environment, MS Outlook is great to use because Microsoft has provided with numerous useful features.
  • Domino as a server is more complicated than Exchange server of Outlook which requires lots of training before usage
  • Lotus Notes does not provides user-friendly interface like Outlook. Before you know all the aspects of Lotus Notes, you won’t be able to run it effectively.
  • As far as security is concerned, Lotus Notes has upper hand but we cannot forget the fact that Outlook is cheaper than Notes.
  • Outlook comes with MS® Office suite thus no need to spend any extra amount of money. However, you need to make purchase for Lotus Notes as an individual program, which is high in cost-installation and maintenance both.
  • With Outlook, it is manageable to have numerous accounts at a time. In various business environment multiple accounts is preferred through a single operation. Outlook performs this with adeptness with popular domains such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Lotus Notes does has this quality.

NSF to PST Conversion why Must?

  • You are using Lotus Notes in your organization for mail routing. Your company’s administrator decides to use Microsoft Outlook for several reasons. He asks you to move all the data from Lotus Notes in Outlook. For making this migration, you have checked various tools and unable to conclude that which software is better to use.
  • You are using Lotus Notes Workflow 6.5.1 on your computer machines in your organization. Recently when new PC is purchased is installed with Outlook. The problem by far is that how to migrate data from Lotus Notes to Outlook so that you can access complete information in Outlook environment. You need to pull not only important information from Lotus Notes but entire data without spending high amount of price

Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook: To convert, open, access, and read data in PST files from Lotus Notes, it is important that you use some professional online helper. You can use the software. This tool is useful for fulfilling multifarious tasks. You can use this solution for making best migration.

Author Bio: I had work with many software solutions for domains like database recovery, Email Migration, server migration etc. For Safe Lotus Notes NSF to PST Migration, Information is available here.

How to Convert NSF to PST See the Process

  1. Browse .nsf files from location
  2. Apply Filters, and custom setting and start process
  3. After Exportation Save .nsf database to .pst format
  4. Check the status before end the process
  5. Click OK to exit! Process is Done

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