John Cleese Explains the "Science" of Creativity

John Cleese

Cover of John Cleese

Many people have tried to help bloggers, authors, producers, and writers of all kinds with creativity.  The best explanation of creativity, what it really is, and how it works comes from John Cleese, in my opinion.

Watch this great video to find out how you can become more creative by getting yourself into the "open mode."  Sit back, get playful, take no calls, close the door, take a deep breath and learn everything you need to know about creativity in this video...



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  1. I've been a great fan of John Cleese for longer than I care to remember. Thank you for presenting this video and giving everyone an opportunity to share the humor, wit and intelligence this man seems to have in abundance.



  1. Ignore the graphic on this one – it's a video of John Cleese talking about creativity…. › › Jean Egan - [...] John Cleese Explains the "Science" of CreativityJohn Cleese Explains the “Science” of ... Many people have tried to help …

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