Jack’s Wednesday Links

Below are some of my favorite finds from today:

Tips for getting your blog posts accepted almost all of the time.  - Social Mouths

I’m here today to share with you 15 bite-size ideas that will help you get your guest posts accepted almost every time. I’ve guest posted on 15 different blogs over the past few months, and I can assure you that using just half of these tips will get you accepted more often that not.  So, let’s get started…  Read More

10 Helpful WordPress Cheatsheets – Blogging Pros

From how to use WordPress to developing a new WordPress theme, these cheatsheets are lifesavers…  Read More

Over-optimizing your site?  Google’s coming for ya! -ShoeMoney

Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google is working on a search ranking penalty for sites that are “over-optimized” or “overly SEO’ed.”

Responsive design?  -CopyBlogger

What do you think about this one?  I’m not sold, but then I’m not doing any new site designs right now.  Still I’m not sure about something that caters to all devices simultaneously.  Something is always going to suffer.

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