How To Track Who is Sharing Your Content in Real-Time

Guest Post by Jim Stroud

Okay, this is cool!

You can search Twitter for hashtags and keywords and yeah, everybody knows that. (Or should!) But did you know that you can search Twitter for weblinks that have been shared whether they have been shortlinked or not?

If you already knew that, then you are more “with it” than I am because I just discovered this. I'll say it again. Twitter is a clever bird. Even if a link to your website has been shortened with such services like,, and so on.

Case in point, I will do a search for any and all URLS shared on Twitter that link to one of my blogs – I type in the domain itself and not an exact link for a certain URL.

All of the results are for any and all links from my blog. Cool! I can also add in a link to a specific URL to see who has shared that link, even if it has been shortlinked. (I just like that!)

Now, why do I like this so much? Umm... Let me count the ways.


I can track in real time, which specific post is being shared the most and /or which of my posts on my blog are resonating with my followers in real-time.

Let's say I write a post about doggy treats. I know right away who is sharing my post on doggy treats. I could then create a Twitter list of these people and the next time I write a post on doggy treats, I can cc them on it and hopefully they will share it as they did my initial doggy treat post.

Hmm... I could also build a Twitter list of people who share my content and get closer to them, by sharing their content. Now, when I have something really cool to share and I want it echoed quickly, I know who to reach out to. Make sense?


No matter what I am searching for whether that be a specific URL or an entire domain, Twitter shows me the “Top Tweets” by default. Top Tweets are the most popular tweets related to whatever I am searching for at the time. Make sure you click on “All” at the top of the search results to see all of the search results.

Click “People you follow” link to see who among your existing followers has your back and say thank you for the support.

If there are other ways I could be leveraging this functionality, let me know. I only just discovered this today, so there may be more to it than I am realizing now.


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  1. One more thing I forgot to add! When you search Twitter, it will only go back 7 days. So, keep that in mind as well. 😉


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