How To Monetize Google Plus Hangouts On Air

Google+ Hangouts On Air are a suite of powerful interview and content creation tools. But no one wants to watch your hour long video that is often the result of an authority interview. Here is how to cure that problem the fast easy way...

My friend Todd Hartley, CEO of, shows us in this short video how to use Google+ Hangouts to create great question and answer driven videos that lead to exactly the question they are looking for.

Short, concise and to the point videos do very well on YouTube and YouTube is your back end to Hangouts On Air.

Watch this 3 minute video from a YouTube pro that has generated almost 6 million views on his channel showing us how it's done.

I will be using this exact strategy in my upcoming interviews with the two top experts in their field this month.

Keep your eyes peeled here on Blog Success and let's see how I do with Todd's advice.


  1. Started using this idea to break up The Friday Traffic Report into bite-sized how-to chunks. Brilliant content development tactic to get far more mileage out of long form content. In the future it will be seen as an utter waste to just publish long form content without breaking it up for all the keyword and sub-topic richness inside!

  2. Thanks. I found the three minute video to be on point. How to use a simple free tool creatively. Keeping this in my social media tool box.


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