How To Hijack Curiosity And Get Backed By NASA

How does a blog or a small business go from good to great? Is it guest posting? Good PR? Proper monetization? They’re great buzzwords but powerful ideas are where the real money’s at. One powerful idea makes it all come together and even get the support of NASA or a big agency like them.

Launching Curiosity

Anyone who lives on their wits knows the first rule, you don’t go from good to great unless you know what the shot is. The ambitious merchant eyeballs the market and says, what’s my shot at the big time? What’s it going to take?

Where’s you’re ride to Mars?

NASA pegged theirs on Curiosity.

How you can do the same

At some point, a single merchant hits a wall in the market. Sure, anyone can sling a few sales on the daily and make a living. But when you need to command a tremendous amount of attention and resources, more than you could ever need for your family, we appeal to the massive level.

At this level, it’s about commerce, culture, and the communication of ideas, principles, and standards. It’s about making powerful new connections in your market, and producing a new form of your business.

To perform at this level, you literally have to get more out of Curiosity, you must ask the bigger questions. The conversation has to change and must be more inclusive of something outside any individual person. Somehow you thought that was always the key. Or maybe you were always told the same thing.

By necessity, we become immediately immersed in taking action rather than entertain theory. That’s the mindset we aim at delivering to every Blog Success member before they write their first post, but it doesn’t always happen that way.

However, whenever the time comes, it dramatically changes how you develop your content.

It’s about powerful ideas

When the curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars, America scored.

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator told NASA TV

charles bolden, curiosity, nasa tv

“It’s a huge day for the nation, it’s a huge day for all of our partners that have something on Curiosity and it’s a huge day for the American people. As I told people as we went around earlier tonight, everybody in the morning should be sticking their chests out, saying, ‘that’s my rover on Mars’ because it belongs to all of us.”

That’s my Mars rover and I’m inspiring blogger on how to use it for themselves. That’s a multimillion dollar planetary expeditionary rover that I get to take out for spin. NASA gave it me. Charlie said I can use it. Easy, right?

Marlen Esparza is going for the Gold in the London 2012 Olympics.

A rare female boxer who keeps in tune with her womanhood even though she was trained to fight like a man. She puts make up before fight. Marlen is the American Warrior Princess, the first woman to qualify for Olympic Boxing.

Big companies are lining up to invest in and capitalize on what she means to the national spirit, women in the markets, and little fighter girls everywhere.

marlen esparza, olympics 2012, boxing

Marlen’s sponsorships only pay off when she wins. Her product MUST be authentic and proven. And in boxing, a winning track record and a marketable appearance is your product. Marlen literally fights for her prize.

(update: Marlen got the Bronze, congratulate her!)

An old lady who deserved nothing

Karen Klien from upstate New York, famous for crying in a school bus, no thanks to intolerable children.

One Ukranian guy sets up a fundraiser to “help” dear old granny from the oppression of cyber bullying, 30,000 people worldwide flooded her pockets with $500,ooo in donations.

She got 24/7 media exposure for weeks.

Mind you, an upstate New York bus monitor is not a poorly paid position.

Not a penny went to prosecution, counseling or legitimate financial relief. It was just a damn good story that caught the attention of a large and arguably wimpy market.

And her Ukraninan beneficiary

Max got crowdfunded to the tune of $7000 for instigating a popular story, from halfway around the world. Not a bad commission just for showing up. Seems like launch vehicles are just zooming around out there in the donation space.

Focused ultrasound technology

This is an area of interest for me. I’m interested in a medical device to treat bladder cancer. That’s unheard of and nearly impossible to get. But a device for other applications are easier to get.

In fact, some applications of focused ultrasound have the backing of NASA. This one was about bone disease treatments. In my search to bring a device into the market and acquire it, I notice where the attention and resources are going. I ask, “why not cure bladder cancer too?”

Ultrasound Triggers Bone Cell Mobility

focused ultrasound, curiosity, nasaThe research projects are supported in part by the National Institutes of Health, and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute through a NASA Cooperative Agreement

If NASA, the federal government, and financial backers could approve and support on one level, why not another?

And could I not use these fun facts to do the marketing necessary to get there?

The truth is I’m not sure, I never did this before. I need help.

But the possibilities all make sense. The sure thing is that this market is huge and interrelated with dozens of other markets to drum up what is necessary for the cure.

Peak Curiosity

If you hijack Curiosity, you can get the people with the resources you need to be great. Asking the right questions moves you in a new direction, gives you new positioning, and leads to new opportunities. It’s how micro machines turn into federal spacecrafts, how tiny women become Olympians, and how NASA can help us cure cancer. If we can do all that, what great achievements would you work on?

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