How To Encourage People To Comment On Your Blog


  1. Hi Jack:

    I enjoyed your post. I see some other articles on the sidebar I want to check out too.

    I've been blogging for MANY years (ID: "wanderingsalsero") and never have really focused on comments. I used to get a lot more than I do now because I've been overseas for several years and I'm not as 'into' the Salsa community that I once was. I wish I had more comments but think I'll have to remind myself to implement some of the common sense advice you gave.

    I was also intrigued to note in your bio that you write about issues of personal rights. I write a lot about 'liberty' and I get the impression that the IM blogging community is afraid to touch those issues. I wish more would….least it soon be too late.

    Arthur T Williams IV.

    • Dear Arthur!
      Thank you for your commnent, I'm really glad you like some of my advices.

      I have to agree with you about the "liberty" issue. But I think people mosty just don't care. That is why they don't touch those issues. I wish I had a bit more time to do that… And maybe in the near future I will have the time to do so. I certainly hope that I will.
      Jack Samuelson

  2. I dislike reading lengthy posts, simply as i’ve got some dislexia,
    but i actually enjoyed this one


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