How Do Bloggers Get Content Automation Done Right?

automation, curation, content creationAutomation, tools and tech, rule social media markets. The game is “look what I can do faster, easier and cooler than you”. Some people make money on it, some get nothing at all. Let’s look inside some automation game play.



The battle of Automation

Comedian, Joe Rogan zapped Paperli out of his social media daily routine.

Blanket automation eventually hurts the content business in the long run.

Rogan’s Paperli had been feeding “drone content” to fans and followers for months before he found just how stupid an idea it was to have for a person in the business of quality content.

There is a benefit, right?

foodphiles, paperli, automation, curation, content creationSure. It all depends, though.

My blog, when active, got a bunch of paperli retweets. Good exposure, but nothing I really took advantage of.

But a business who had some real traffic goals could pimp a few Paperli publisher accounts by finding the share source and focus on that crowd … if it suits their market, of course.

Bloggers can dig out a fresh creative direction and uncover new places to post.

It can create new opportunities

Over at, we are seeing odd content get unlikely shares.

One from a hippie Paperli account, another from retirement strategies publisher, and so on and so forth.

These “random-house” publishers are not exactly our core audience. At the same time, it’s not like we can’t make a deal in those markets. We are heavy on profit, light on obsessive personal branding.

File:Joerogan.pngBut what about publisher’s?

I think back to the Rogan Dilemma.

You really have to want to provide content for your fans and followers, else an automated strategy will run you into the ground.

If you’re short on time and attention, regularly creating quality content like a professional comedian, it wont work out.

If I were doing it …

I might grab an guy online to find out what Rogan fans like to check out and set that up on Paperli.

I might have him join Blog Success and commence Information Overlord to make his job a bit easy. Automation doesn’t have to be a complete content fail, but it can be. Do your content creation right, and you’ll survive the rise of the machines in 2013.

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