Girls, Girls Girls! And The Latest Blog Marketing News

Check out what these girls are doing and how they’re using social media and blog marketing to pump up the volume in their careers. These girls aren’t in Blog Success, but they sure are enjoying some of the benefits of what training can give you.

It’s not breaking blog marketing and social media news or anything, but … this ain’t your mama’s Techcrunch! Here’s what’s going on in some of the markets on my radar.

Alana Taylor movin’ on up in NYC

Alana Taylor, BloombergLP Wealth

A newly appointed Marketing Manager at BloombergLP Wealth, this 20-something, latte drinking, design loving, NYC Marketing ninja and blogger of cool material leaked out some exclusive wisdom on how she’s jet-packing to the top using social media.

Anonymous Asked: Hi Alana

www.alanataylor.comThursday, April 26, 2012

Anonymous asked: Hi Alana! I wanted to ask you how you landed your job as ecommerce marketing manager and any words of career advice to build your portfolio in order to lead to that line of work …

“Love Chica” Sujeiry Gonzalez’ new spot at VOXXI

lovesujeiry, sujeiry gonzalez

Sujeiry is now contributing content in up to six blogs in the love and relationship market. Her guest posts reach a variety of readers, bringing plenty of solid traffic and forward momentum online.

Sujeiry like a lot of growing bloggers, sometimes she’s down but never out with support coming in from constant constructive social media relationships, a very common quality among women in the markets.

Check her latest love stories online …

Gay Psychic Predicts Marriage (VOXXI)

lovesujeiry.comWednesday, June 13, 2012 2:51:21 PM

Three years ago, I went to a gay psychic. He was flamboyantly and fantastically gay. As I walked into the room, he swiveled in his chair like a child on a swing and checked me out from …

amanda seales, merchant of new york city

New Technicolor Lover album by Amanda Seales, needs more blogging

Amanda’s new work was put out on Bandcamp, the popular online music platforms. She has a strong Twitter following with LOTS of interaction.

Social media helped her land opportunities all over the entertainment industry. Should she start guest blogging too?

Her tweet suggests so. If Amanda can squeeze in some time to lay down the ground work, maybe we’ll see her name on Huffington post real soon.

This way, she can get the online exposure needed to keep doing what she loves without typical laborious chore of Show Business,  “selling” her craft to guys in suits.

Who Run The World? (girls)

There you have it, 3 powerful ladies in the digital markets, adding new accomplishments and at different levels of online media experience. None of them are Blog Success members and are simply there just doing what comes natural to them. This goes to show passion and vision are all important in your own blogging experience. But remember professional training can give you that boost to get to your traffic goals harder, faster and stronger.


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