Five Ways to Get More Guest Posting Opportunities

You know that guest posting is a great way to build links between your site and authoritative sites in your niche. It’s one of the older methods which have held on throughout all of Google’s changes and even with the newest updates, it’s still considered safe, particularly with Google’s push for more content based ranking. But how do you find the best opportunities for guest posting? Some of these are pretty obvious, but some of them are... well, you’ll see!

Start from the Start

As with everything, start from the beginning, though some overeager would-be guest bloggers forget! Start with your own connections. Hit up your industry connections or blogger buddies. Ask them, politely, if you can post an article on their blog. You’re already friends or at least colleagues with these people so as long as you aren’t too aggressive, it should be pretty easy to get started.

Another shockingly easy way to get started with guest posting is to put up a post on your blog letting readers know that you’re available as a writer for other blogs. Make sure you showcase your expertise or things you like to write about and then see what kind of fish you can land. If your blog is popular, you may be amazed at what kind of response you’ll get.


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Branch outward a little to your social networks. You don’t have to have accounts on every site on the planet, but on every social network you are on, ask for opportunities to write on other peoples’ sites. You can reach out not only to friends, but also friends of friends and beyond. Nothing shows the six degrees of separation better than social networking and it’s actually not at all hard to find friends of friends who have a blog that could benefit from a good guest post. Furthermore, branching out, when it’s done right, seems less opportunistic. And don’t forget to search for guest posting opportunities! Twitter has a search function where you can see if people are searching for new writers. Search for phrases like ‘blog for us’ and ‘guest blogger’ and see what you can turn up. This is beneficial because you’re approaching someone who is already looking for a writer and who knows the process so everything goes a little smoother.

Search For It

Start by Googling It! Searching for your niche + blogs (example, green energy + blogs) is a fast way to find great blogs in your niche. Compile a list of blogs and then see which ones have a guest post system. If they don’t, you can still approach them, though you may have to start by cultivating the webmaster to the idea of guest posting. You should also make sure to start interacting in the blog by commenting on posts, reading posts, and interacting with the webmaster on their social network so that you don’t just look like you’re there for the link.

You can also do a Google Blog Search which is a tool that helps you find blogs in niches that are related or a larger blog with a category for your niche. Sometimes you’ll strike gold. Make sure to use the same keywords you used for the Google Search in the first place.

Finally, make sure you are very stringent about how you set up your keywords. For example, use synonyms, use operator symbols like * and ~ and use OR. These signals tell Google that you’re searching for both specific phrases and for their synonyms. It will look wonky in the search bar, but it’s effective. If you want to learn more, definitely check out Google search tips by Ann Smarty because it’s a really good tutorial on how to tweak Google to make it work best for you.

It Takes a Village to Make a Blog

Did you know that there are guest post communities? There ARE! These communities help bloggers find guest writers and so if you want to get your pen in the ink-so to speak-these are good places to check out. You may not find the absolute best blogs in your niche, but they are a great way to get started. You can also check out forum communities; communities built around your niche or forums with people looking for guest posters. Make sure that if you go that route that you’re willing to commit the time to interacting with people in the community for a while before you start asking for opportunities. Finally, check out directories like Technorati to see if you can get blogs posted there. Not only will the sites themselves give you links, they also let you link up with the industry leaders and get your brand out there.

And of course, check out Craigslist. Sure there’s a lot of junk there, but there’s nothing preventing you from looking for people who want writers! Plenty of website owners post jobs through Craigslist and you can approach them and offer a post for a link. Make sure you sell yourself properly, explaining your background and why you’re perfect for a given blog. While you’re at it, put up your own ad marketing yourself as a guest poster. You never know!

Got a Guest Post? Flaunt It!

Once you’ve got one guest post out there, why not use it to get more? Your guest post can be a… well, not walking advertisement for your goals, but some equivalent. Use the by-line on your post as a way to advertise your desire to keep guest posting, interact with people who comment on your post by answering questions and asking people to let them post on their blogs and make repeat guest posts on blogs. There’s nothing wrong with getting a few back links from the same blog! This gives you the ability to keep interacting with readers, builds up your reputation as an authority and you can always link to different areas of your website with different keywords.

There are plenty of other ways to get guest posting opportunities, but these are some of the tried and true methods, as well as ones you may never have thought of before! Good luck in finding your guest posting opportunities.

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