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What is Curation?


Content curation, or curation blogging, the process of sharing information on topics that people do a lot of searching for, but don't want to weed through all the junk to find the good stuff. It is all about giving people a concise Social Curation: Original Curation vs Me-Too Sharing | Content Curation Software – August 16, 2011. [...] What is Curation? ( [...] 5 Easy Blog Content Ideas | Content Curation Software – September 12, 2011. [...] What is Curation?

5 Easy Blog Content Ideas


At CurationSoft, our main goal is to help bloggers and social media networkers come up with primo content regularly. The hardest parts of content development are always 1) ideas and 2) efficient sharing of those ideas.

Types of Curation Part 2: Curated Hubs


While many people extol the virtues and value of social or real-time curation, my personal favorite from a branding and monetization standpoint is the curated hub, which is just a fancy name for blog curation. A curated hub contains regularly published stories that contain …. Curation, Social Media and Beyond” Read the full article: [] Via Discuss Blog · November 12, 2011 [...] How Does Linking To Other Sites Bring You More Traffic?