Strategic Keyword Management – Avoid this CRITICAL SEO mistake

A question that is often asked is about the value of appearing on top of Google Page 1 rankings.

Since all of Google search, and the whole online business really, is BASED on keywords, this is kinda important.

It is very common for bloggers to not have a targeted keyword list, or randomly write posts and decide on the keyword as an afterthought.

You should avoid this CRITICAL SEO mistakes if you wish to have a successful online presence or business.

Well really, the value depends on the TYPE of keyword. If it is a highly competitive keyword then you can get some real dollars out of that position.

What can be stated with certainty is the click percentage (or viewership) that each position receives.

A Chitika graph from some years ago shows the number or percentage of clicks received by each position.

Traffic by Google Results position

Traffic by Google Results position

It is evident that not many people go to page 2, and far fewer people click on entries on page 2. My friend Jack Humphrey mentioned that Google page 3 is a great place to hide a dead body!

So if viewer impressions and percentage of clicks are important to you, then you need to be able to rank high up on Google search results.

Now you also need to rank for a keyword which people are willing to pay for. Ranking high for “free music downloads” will not get you much revenue. Of course, you can make some money from advertising revenue, but that is not the point here.

You want to target those keywords that have a high customer willingness to pay.

Then you also want to target keywords for which the competition is not too intense.

The above are some parameters on which you can rank keywords and finalize those that you want to rank high for. Ranking high means investment in time, money and effort.

To begin the narrowing down, you need a list to start with. Obviously, the more relevant the keywords are to your business, the more strategic the final 40-50 keyword list will be.

So where do you get your initial “broad” list?

You need to tap into a plethora of sources to come up with your initial list.

Some of these are online Google tools and functionality, you can brainstorm and come up with relevant keywords, you can check up on competitor sites, etc.

Arguably, the single-most important activity for any ONLINE business is finding out the BEST KEYWORDS to rank high for.

If you can internalize the method for strategically identifying keywords to rank high for, then about 25% of your work is taken care of.

Conversely, if you get the keyword selection wrong, then all your investment and consequently your business profitability will go down the drain.

It is worse to rank high for the wrong keyword, than to not rank high at all.

Check out Project Butterfly where you can see REAL examples on how to build a TARGETED keyword list.

I believe that getting the keyword list right (EVEN BEFORE you begin ranking) is about 25% of the whole online business.

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